Rumor Killer: EA Says No Plans For 360 Version of Crysis decided to call EA today and ask if Crysis was going to come to the 360? Our contact in Licensed Games PR for EA said "There are currently no plans for an Xbox 360 version of Crysis."

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w22shadow4030d ago

Crytek still lists "PS3 Programmer" as one of the jobs they have available. Maybe Crytek is working on a XBOX 360/PS3 only game other than Crysis.

RadientFlux4030d ago

that or they are porting the Crysis engine to the consoles and try selling it to various developers

thegamereviews4030d ago

I think it would make sense for them to hire a PS3 programmer. With a successful title under their belt they could move onto Multiplat I do not think it would be for Crysis, but who knows. I did not ask them that :)

Statix4030d ago

Crytek has disclosed on several occasions that they are working on a console game. It's a non-FPS game that's not set in the same universe as Far Cry or Crysis. No platform(s) announced at the moment for what this new IP will be.

Winter47th4030d ago

Hate to say this but, it's their funeral, hope they enjoy the HUGE success in the PC market with the couple'a thousands they'd made.

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Salvadore4030d ago

Any comformation regarding the ps3 version?

donalbane4030d ago

it wouldn't look as good anyhow, since the 360 (and the PS3) can't handle DirectX 10

devilhunterx4030d ago

so whats your point again?

CrazzyMan4030d ago

and PS2 had only 4mb vram.

and GoW 2, FFXII anyone?

Pain4029d ago

Sony PS3 is useing OpenGL a Apple form of Dx and OpenGL is the eqaulevent of DX10 so yea PS3
can and will do Cyris (bluray for the space, cell + rsx for the perty color and fizix(sp) but i wont bet on
it bieng on PS3 cuz the game is just a Showpice.

but defentitly not on 360, game would need alot more juice that the xbox dosnt have let alone the disk space.

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Boink4030d ago

may I say GOOD.

overhyped junk...

I really wanted this game, till it was released then I saw it.

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The story is too old to be commented.