Say What? Quotes of 2007

The most brilliant, idiotic and downright mental games-related words of the year have long been forgotten by many of you, which MCV thinks is a crime. So let MCV remind you of the very finest that 2007 had to offer...

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Bill Gates4032d ago

"HD-DVD will own Blu-ray"


That one kills me all the time.

IceVenti4032d ago



That one kills me all the time.".....i guess?

DarkSniper4032d ago

"I wish I could get Metal Gear Solid on my platform" -Peter Moore

"Our failure rate is less than 3%" XBOX PR Team

"Halo 3 runs at a 640p resoultion" -Bungie Studios

"XBOX 360 has the best holiday lineup ever" -Peter Moore

Apparently, each and every announcement made by the Microsoft Corporation has turned out to be nothing more than a joke of the industry.


cow moolester4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

What about these:
"Rumble is so last gen" -Sony 2006

"We are announcing the Dualshock 3!" -Sony 2007
----------------------------- --------------------------
"We at Sony believe having multiple SKU's will just create confusion in the market"-Phil Harrison 2005.Link-

"We are announcing the 80gb Ps3 with limited Backwards Compatibility!" Sony mid 2007

"We are announcing the 40gb Ps3 with no Backwards compatibility for Ps2 titles!" Sony late 2007
----------------------------- ----------------------------
And Sniper Xbox 360 had a great line-up for all its userbase.It had Mass Effect, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3 just to name a few.
Ps3 had Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and the same multi-platform titles as 360. It had UT3 but only for its American Userbase

GotAmmo4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Please leave out multi platforms

heyheyhey4032d ago

lets delve a little deeper into the world of ridiculous M$ quotes:

"you dont need blu-ray" now M$ am cry because they are already getting games on not one, not two, not three but FOUR disks

also i would like to point out that peter moore has lost faith in the xbox and M$ and that is why hes gone- i guess he was just reading from the M$ bullsh!t script when he was saying those things

DarkSniper4032d ago

Please do not forget this epic line.

XBOX 360 owners have "the choice" to upgrade their system to play High Definition movies. Which keeps the price of our console cost efficient.


heyheyhey4032d ago

lol yeah that one is gold too- it is a pretty expensive "choice" isnt it M$ considering ps3 has the winning format built-in and M$ has you buying extra drives to play the losing format