Tales Of Xillia Trademark Filed In The U.S. Too

Siliconera: After filing Tales of Xillia in Europe on March 20, Namco Bandai registered the title in the U.S. a day later.

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rebirthofcaos2518d ago

cool, I still need to get tales of graces F.

Redempteur2518d ago

In a dream world we would get a director cut internationnal edition .. However ..

tiffac0082518d ago

Bamco, make it so and take my cold hard earned cash!

You may also bring Tales of Innocence: R, we need more "Tales of" game over here. :)

Spenok2518d ago

Lol Tiffac. How i love your trademark statement,

"take my cold hard earned cash!"

I wholeheartedly agree :D

catfrog2518d ago

im not sure why they havnt been bringing them over the entire time...

kreate2517d ago

Westernization movement. Tales is too japanese.

ZeroX98762518d ago

I surely hope this game comes out over here. Tales of Graces F is just awesome and tales of innocence R would be nice too!

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