Starbreeze goes free-to-play with Cold Mercury

DSOGaming writes: "Starbreeze has revealed at GDC that they'll be going free-to-play with a new title, called Cold Mercury."

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ninjaman9992518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Seriously, free-to-play is an excuse to keep the game online and to overcharge players for content that should have all been bundled in a retail release. Its complete bullshit. Even IOS games are suffering from this. The latest angry birds (The space physics look so cool :_____: ) robs you cause you have to spend money just to buy the eagles to get the eagle high scores and stuff. Not to mention a PROTHEAN character who should have been in ME3s main story instead of meathead Vega (hes cool and all but he bitches alot and aint as cool as a krogan would have been) not to mention the Prothean would have added more to the experience...
And now....indie games will take over yay :D
Natural Selection 2
Project Zomboid
Space Pirates and Zombies
The Binding of Issac
Super MEat Boy
Fuck the big players, all they do is rob us now ;____________;

lelo2play2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

After the crap that was Syndicate (i guess it's more EA's fault then Starbreeze's, since it was EA that probably wanted a FPS)... i don't think i want Cold Mercury, even if it's free.

ZippyZapper2518d ago

Only thing I want from Starbreeze is Enclave 2