Q&A: Dimps' Tanaka Talks 2D Fighter Comeback, Japanese Market

Japanese development studio Dimps, best known for developing the Dragonball Z: Budokai games for PlayStation 2, was spun off of Neo Geo creators SNK after the latter was purchased by Aruze.

It's now a work-for-hire studio with a unique business model, and Gamasutra got all of the inside info from Dimps COO Mitsuhiro Tanaka, who discussed the peculiarities of being funded by several major Japanese developers who compete with one another.

Tanaka also talked about the resurgence in fandom for 2D fighting games, and what this could mean for Dimps' future development, on the heels of the Neo Geo Pocket's short-lived heyday.

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Genki4034d ago

Fighters are dying, be they 2d or 3d.

Personally, I'd love for 2d fighters to have a resurgence...a real resurgence, with a plethora of quality games that include detailed, high-res production values that rival contemporary animated films/anime.

Doubt it will happen though, Guilt Gear is as close as we'll come.

2D fighters also seem to possess a certain flair with their animations that I have yet to see 3D games replicate just yet. Even the DBZ games, which are IMO a very faithful representation of the look and feel of anime, have substandard animations by comparison.

Still though, it seems that less and less people appreciate 2D as time passes, and it's even evident in films as well.

midgard2294034d ago

guilty gear is as close as we'll get, and they already went to 3d with that crappy action game....when will ggx3 come out! lol, but yeah, people just think its ugly when there are beautiful 2d games like guilty gear and odin sphere. *shrugz its the dev's faults for giving up too, look at capcom making that horrid SF4, thats just sf2 with 3d engine, not good.

2d fighters have set combo's that if someone memorizes them they can predict whats next. where-as 2d fighters u create ur own combos, where the only way u can predict is by knowning the players style not the characters.