GamesRadar's Anti-Awards 2007 - Celebrating a Whole Year of Suckage

Games Radar writes, "A few weeks ago we crafted a best-of-the-year list, obeying internet trends and expectations like a good little website. Now it's time for awards that you actually want to read. We're calling out all the crap that pissed us (and you) off in 2007 and, just like last time, we're handing out high quality, gold-plated awards. This year, unlucky winners shamefully walk away with the soon-to-be-coveted, slightly oxymoronic "Golden Red Rings Award." Other, slightly less sucky losers get the next best thing - a scratched Halo 3 disc laced in stunning silver."

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blynx1824576d ago

a quarter for everytime someone totally bags on Lair....

CeruleanSky4575d ago

They're just upset Halo 3 turned out to be a complete joke:

* Sub HD graphics - can only run at 640p and not 720p like real next gen games

* Crappy last gen looking graphics - oh look! Gaudy shiny coloured metal!

* Jaggies all over the place

* Huge framerate problems

* No dedicated servers

* Laggy P2P networking

* Can only manage 16 players per online game

* Only 6-7 hour single player

I guess that is why Microsoft was forced send out 900 dollar 'gift bags' aka bribes to reviewers...

Achievement Unlocked4575d ago

is that why halo 3 sold more in 3 months than the ps3 sold systems in over a year?

mighty_douche4575d ago

Theres 20 sh!t games released for every Good one. Always has been, always will be.

Personally im happy for that, other wise me and my PC/PS3 would be homeless.

heyheyhey4575d ago

lol "reviewers guide" that made me laugh- at least its not as bad as sending out gift bags to get good scores *cough*halo*cough*

Evilninja4572d ago

You're apparently the only one here to actually read the article.

Achievement Unlocked4575d ago

6.9 attach rate ftw!!!!11

6.9 attach rate ftw!!!!11

6.9 attach rate ftw!!!!11

6.9 attach rate ftw!!!!11

mighty_douche4575d ago

if i had 8 games but only played 2 id trade the other 6 in, i dont get why people brag about owning 15 games yet they play 1 of them, to me thats just stupidity.

Achievement Unlocked4575d ago

while the average ps3 owner buys br movies.

it means something. it matters. do you think dev's dont look at these numbers and get excited about releasing a game on the 360, overtop of the ps3?

i have a hard time believing otherwise.

Gish4575d ago

I may be one of the few, but I didn't think Lair was as horrible as everyone makes it out to be. It may be that I had heard so many people rag on it that I had such low expectations (just like when you hear about how great a movie is, it never is as good as its built up to be). It took awhile to get used to the controls, some of which i never mastered, but I rented it, beat it, took it back. I think there are many other games that should be roasted more than this game.

mintaro4575d ago

agreed i dont think lair was as bad as everyone made it out to be

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