Has Sony's console lived up to expectations?

CVG: While Sony's online architecture might not be the most user-friendly out there, when it comes to games the PS3 has some of the most interesting digitally delivered titles of the generation. A recent example is thatgamecompany's Journey, which in our review say is a "three hour odyssey unlike anything you'll play this year."

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gunnerforlife3969d ago

Depends how your looking at it, in terms of quality exclusive games it has surpassed it, however in terms of consoles sold and it being 3rd for now it has failed especially if you look at the last two Gens, but it should reach at least 80-90M by end of this Gen so that's pretty good anyways as long as Sonny makes games like the are now I wouldn't care if they do not sell even one more console this Gen.


just putting that out there first

on topic ps3 has surpassed my expectations i never new sony woukld actually make new genres like LBP.heavy rain and journey

not to mention the tons of exclusives

but the marketing team need to be fired, and exclusive game launches need to be spaced out or even put on hold till the following year as soo many quality games go under the radar infamous 1 being a prime example

ShinMaster3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I was able to enjoy some of the best exclusive and multiplatform games on my PS3 and played online with friends. Just fun stuff.

We can talk about sales all day, but the system remains just as good.
360 is lucky PS3 launched a year later, otherwise 360 would be the one in 3rd place and not just by 2mil like PS3, but by 6mil, given the fact that PS3 cut 6mil from 360's initial lead.
But really though, some people take "places" too seriously. 3rd place doesn't mean bad at all. They're practically tied, so who cares.

OVERALL, I think it delivers on what matters most.
IMO my experience and that of the people I know have been great.

CarlitoBrigante3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )


Vita wasn't even released, these fanboys already started the doom and gloom. If you go back to 2006 articles on their site they did the same with the PS3.

Ofcourse it lived up to expectations. The PS3 rose from the ashes and is now the market leading console.

It has:

-The most exclusives
-The best exclusives(fact, look to Metacritic average scores yearly)
-Free online
-Quality and a quiet console, my PS3 was quiet from the get go in 2007 while my Wii and 360 sounded like jumbo jets.

MastaMold3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

+bubbles to all for mature comments so far :)

Persistantthug3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

OS Software & other PS3 management decisions....No.

The 2 glaring weaknesses that the PS3 has demonstrated, are company wide overall weaknesses.....Software design-engineering, & internet/web services and netcode know how.

However, Where PS3 flexes its HULK HOGAN 24" pythons, is also where, as an overall company, Sony is almost supernaturally strong...."artist & repertoire". This is how and why Sony can scout, acquire, maintain, and manage its many dev houses and studios and make it look easy, because Sony's been doing this for decades......hence, the many exclusives.

Also, PS3 has great hardware engineering due to Sony's equally great hardware manufacturing background...,but this is obvious.

GribbleGrunger3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

This is a difficult one to express. The PS2 era was an incredible one, but during that era I found myself getting older and changing as a gamer because of it. By the twilight years (that's console not me) I was mainly focused on the RPGs and lost love for the shooter and even my other beloved genre, the platformer.

I find myself even older now but still I have that craving for an RPG, and even though there have been some amazing RPGs this gen, it was the 'charm' that attracted me to the genre on the PS2. That is slightly lacking in this gen I think... so I'd have to say with all honesty that 'yes' this gen has slightly disappointed me.

That's not to say though that this gen hasn't offered me fresh food for thought going forward. The platformer has made something of a comeback for me, and there's just one game that did it: LBP2. To play through someone's imagination and get a glimpse into their personalities is a true joy that I don't think I'll ever forget or stop loving

Journey took me somewhere new, full of inspiration and a sense that this gen may well just be finding it's feet. I just might be holding onto my PS3 for another five years . They say it's only over when the fat lady sings, so I'd like to correct myself here and say:

It has been a little disappointing 'so far'

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morkendo233969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Has Sony's console lived up to expectations?

far as hardware no!! 600.00 was unexpected SHOCKER
in terms of exclusive games SURPASS EXPECTATION.

Jihaad_cpt3969d ago

How much did a Blu-ray player cost at the time of it's launch?

GribbleGrunger3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

over a grand. a point seldom mentioned

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3969d ago

It's lived up to my expectations. Apps and stuff are cool but it's all about yhe games for me. And I dont think anyone can argue that the ps3 hasnt had the best software lineup this gen.

WitWolfy3969d ago

Too bad majority of the apps are locked by region.

3969d ago
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