Xbox Lite coming 2013 with Xbox 720 to follow?

Tech Radar: Microsoft-watcher and plan-leaker MS Nerd has been shooting his mouth off about Microsoft's Xbox plans over on Reddit, claiming that we'll see an Xbox Lite launch date in late 2013, with a true new Xbox coming later.

The Xbox Lite will be an ARM-based platform that should receive a price tag similar to that of the Apple TV, so around about £100 in the UK and $100 US.

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CarlitoBrigante2521d ago

You know, like Coca Cola Light, Coke Diet etc

Xbox lite will only play Fitness games

DeadlyFire2521d ago

Sounds more like a portable device to me with Kinect Voice recognition built in to it. I am betting.

Brettman20082521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

This could only work for the current console. An Xbox 360 with no DVD drive and a big hard drive may be feasible as the maximum size of a game is about 7.8 GB. However, new game releases would have to go straight to Games on Demand alongside the boxed copies, unlike now.

Rowland2521d ago

Xbox lite = Wii/PS2 = casual/kiddie games. WHY ??? !!!!

Droid Control2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Xbox Lite in late 2013?

Come on! It makes sense for M$ (and Sony) to release slimline versions of their consoles, but surely a late 2012 release date would be better. After all, isn't the 720 supposed to be coming late 2013?

Look at the PS2 - look at how small that console was compared top the original Playstation 2...

When you look at the PSV (a portable PS3) I do wonder why Sony and M$ haven't released proper slinmline consoles yet.

Intentions2521d ago

Why don't they just bring out the nextbox instead.........

OMEGAZONE2521d ago

Because now is not the time. Nintendo are launching their HD Wii, Sony just launched the Vita, this is no time for the next generation of consoles.

SleazyChimp2521d ago

360 is 7 years old this year, if nows not the time then when is it.

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