Attack of the Show's The Loop: 2008 Predictions

Here is The Loop's 2008 Predictions from Wednesday night's Attack of the Show. The guests on the show are: USA Today's movie writer Scott Bowles, Forbes' deputy editor David Ewalt, and Destructoid's associate editor Chad Concelmo. Their discussions cover iPhone, Facebook and social networking sites, upcoming movies Cloverfield and Iron Man, and gaming.

The segment on gaming discusses "two of the most anticipated video games that were delayed until this year" -- Spore and Grand Theft Auto IV. The guests also predict that the Wii will be the winner of the console race in 2008.

[ via Destructoid, 01.03.2008 ]

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ktchong4573d ago

This is a show whose target audience is the mainstream and masses, so that's why Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII are completely ignored.

shadowfish4573d ago

So these 2 games are not aimed at the massed? Heck, alot of people I know are waiting 'till these games are out to buy a ps3, a lot of those own Xbox 360's also. So that's not the masses? LOT'S of people like these games you know? It dosn't revolve around what YOU think.

HarryEtTubMan4573d ago

hahaha that is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard... as if these games arent in the top 10 and top 20 best selling franchises of all time. I have a felling its because NBC(Microsft) bought G4. They will cheat and do ANYTHING to try and beat Sony... but they will lose.

EZCheez4573d ago

When they started interviewing complete nobodies off the street on the Loop section. It was like seeing the Mart, Zhuk, and Tanod arguing in person.

rofldings4572d ago

G4 sucks ass. Xplay used to be good when they were apart of TechTV, but ever since G4 took over, it's been Microsoft Defense Force. And, of course, all the G4 shows suck..

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Retro-Virus4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

"Two of the most anticipated video games that were delayed until this year" -- Spore and Grand Theft Auto IV."

Did anyone LOL'D ? I did.

Metal Gear Solid-4 is bigger than both combined, well atleast to those with a refined taste.

Retro-Virus4573d ago

So you judge a game based on sales ? is Titanic and Spider-Man the best movies you've ever seen ?

ngg123454572d ago

and they didn't mention it.MGS2 sold 7 million, and mgs3 sold 4 million or so. I think those two should have been mentioned but oh well.

Close_Second4572d ago

Titanic and Spiderman hit a chord with mainstream moviegoers. They may not be the best movies in the world (far from it actually) but they had mainstream appeal.

MGS4 has an established user base so its a sure fired hit but will it appeal to causal gamer who makes up most of the mainstream audience??? my guess is not.

Being mainstream is not a question about being good or not. Its just a question about having mass appeal. However, if it's also good then it will sell a bucket load more copies.

ngg123454572d ago

though. I think it will sell probably around a million, or 2. But not like sims.

Bnet3434572d ago

Well what exactly do you mean by bigger?

ktchong4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

If you think Spore won't be big, you're delusional.

Spore is The Sims.

Even the casual crowd and mainstream know about Spore - because they know about The Sims, and they know Spore is created by the guy who made The Sims, and they think of it as the next Sims.

I can tell you right now Spore's sales will be much, much bigger than MGS4 *and* FF13, COMBINED.

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power of Green 4572d ago

Some of Sony's biggest selling games sell the same amount on the Xbox 360 with a install base of only 10 million strong. Sony has to have the base numbers to sell games well. 120 million PS2's and only 2 to 4 million?.

Spore had everybody hyped up probably more than any game I can think of.

Vojkan4572d ago

This was so gay and pointless

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