Bioware's "initiative"

Bioware recently said they were going to do some "content initiatives" to please the raging Mass Effect 3 community. But will this really please anyone?

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--Onilink--2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

well i now know what i can really expect when bioware tells us about something, so i just wont get my hopes up.

They are kinda like the new peter molineux of gaming, just instead of promises not living up to expectations, its just blatant lies... we just have to learn not to get too optimistic when they promise something

and before some of you give that disagree button a click, at least bother checking some of the press releases prior to the launch and tell me it wasnt a bunch of BS

joab7772522d ago

Ok. So bioware isn't perfect, but cmon. Get over it. If i wanted to take the time, i could list 100 examples of being lied to. The only reason u care so much is because u loved the job they did for 2 3/4. U loved it so much that it broke ur heart. Don't get all high and mighty and act like u would not have bought the game if they had said, "maybe ur choices will matter, maybe they won't."

It may not be perfect, they may have made a comment, they may have been dead wrong, but u will get a new ending. Give them some damned credit.

--Onilink--2522d ago

dude dont be so mediocre, honestly check that link, that is an absurd amount of lies... whether people like the ending or not, i think that should be what people talk about

how the hell can a company lie to its customers like that?? and even worse have the mayority of the media come out to defend them.... or have people like you that just let it go because you have been lied to before? there is a reason people complain, to try and stop the lies.

Maybe nothing will change this time or the next time, but i can assure nothing WILL EVER CHANGE if people just settle for anything and stay quiet

002522d ago

And it's going to be 20$

googergieger2522d ago

God I think E.A./Bioware's secret plan is to get us to hate the critics more then we could ever hate their barely effort of a game. Though really it is just putting me off them and the video game critic industry off entirely.