First 15 minutes of Tiger Woods PGA Tour '13

TGV member Shuda has recorded and uploaded the first 15 minutes of Tiger '13 for the PS3.

In the video he'll show you how to upload your gamesave from 2012 that gives you 75,000 XP to use on your 2013 game save. This is a huge amount of XP and will cut down on the building process.

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Snookies122520d ago

I've always loved the Tiger Woods games... They're actually really really fun. o_o

I'm hoping this is the best one yet for sure. I'm actually not into many sports games, but Tiger Woods as a game, has always pulled me in.

ER1X2520d ago

Well I can tell you that it is different from any of the other ones. They totally revamped the swing and putting is a lot harder than any version I've played (going back to 2003).