"If I was a PC Gamer" By the ParanormalGamer

I am writing this article because I feel that this is where gaming began and ends.

If I was a PC gamer I might find myself playing less and less games made on systems because I would feel these games could be a whole lot better had they been made on a PC.

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CarlitoBrigante2520d ago

I would stop crying that consoles hold gaming back. Seriously.

FlashXIII2520d ago

Clearly you're not a PC gamer.

CarlitoBrigante2520d ago

I have a i5 2500K and HD6870 card. While its true that PC games look much much better than multiplatform games on consoles, the graphical difference isn't that big compared to the jump from PS2 to PS3.

Add to that that some PS3 exclusives look even better than PC games.

fluffydelusions2520d ago

@CarlitoBrigante I won't deny that there are some nice looking PS3 exclusives e.g. GoWIII but don't even try saying it looks better than PC games unless you're comparing to games from the late 90's or something.

BrutallyBlunt2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

"Add to that that some PS3 exclusives look even better than PC games."

That has nothing to do with the PS3 hardware and all to do with funding a project. The scale in which games can be created on the PC eclipses anything possible on the PS3. Sony is a billion dollar corporation who doesn't mind taking losses on hardware they can try and recoup later on with licencing fees and higher software prices.

Consoles ARE holding back PC gaming because that is where the funding is for a a lot of these products. The consoles also make up most of the bulk of advertising. Most publishers are not going to fund projects that make the most out of PC hardware. It's all a numbers game and if the console or handheld market is where the majority of your potential customers come from then it's no wonder the PC gaming market is being held back.

The PC is more flexible, more versatile and simple more able to do games more justice. It has all to do with resources and the userbase who try and support it.

So disagree all you like people, those are the simple facts.

pr0digyZA2520d ago

"I would stop crying that consoles hold gaming back"
"the graphical difference isn't that big compared to the jump from PS2 to PS3"

Uh your sentences just prove the point that they are holding back further advances. By now games should have had as big or even bigger leap than Ps2 to PS3 but because games sell more on console, developers cater to it.

humbleopinion2520d ago

That's because consoles don't hold back the PC. It's the openness of the PC that holds back the PC, and allows subpar PC configurations.

Steam for example has 30 million something users which is a userbase big enough for developers to cater to it exclusively, but since more tha half of the userbase does not have DX10/11 capable PCs, why should the developers waste resources to focus on advanced DX11 features? Why focus on quad-core+ optimizations development when more than half of the PCs have 2 cores or less? What display resolution should the game be optimized for? Why bother with stuff like Nvidia Physx or Intel special processor comman sets which won't be available for the majority of the users? Which minimal memory configuration to optimize the game for, knowing that you are losing the potential money from all the users who don't have enough memory?

Games on the consoles will not come close to the top looking PC games on highest settings, but the gap is much smaller than it is because the PC market itself is too fragmented and the developers need to recoup their development costs and therefore have to cater to the lowest common denominator (and the irony is that the more advanced you want to make your game, the more money it will cost you, and then you will need more people to buy the game in order make profit)

h311rais3r2520d ago

Yea they look better due to lack of AA and a decent resolution and low ass framerate. The only thing that looks good in GoW3 is yes consoles are holding pc gaming back because that's where the money is. And u cant say it's held back due to different configurations cuz that's what different settings are for...u know the options devs tend to leave out now...

humbleopinion2519d ago

What you don't seem to understand is that all these "different settings" basically mean that the developers will have to do extra programming (DX11 and DX9 for example are not compatible) and that will require twice as much effort (and money). Not to mention that it will exponentially increase the QA costs (if you want to make sure the game actually works fine) because you will have to check for every combinatorial configuration setting. So why should the developers bother with all that if only a small fraction of the users are going to enjoy these features? It makes more sense to invest their time and money in improvements that everyone can benefit from.

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FlashXIII2520d ago

Tbh while most of the article holds true, sadly the gap between console gaming and PC gaming is getting smaller and smaller. Sadly it's not because console capabilities are getting better either, it's because most developers put console gaming as their main priority.

A case in point.. Battlefield 3 mod support. As someone who was introduced to PC gaming back just before Battlefield Vietnam hit, I find it an absolute disgrace that DICE haven't released modding functionality for Battlefield 3. So many great mods for the battlefield series over the years such as Project Reality and Desert Combat. For me you know PC gaming is going to shit when developers like DICE turn their back on you. We all know where EPIC stands these days (with their tongues up Microsoft's asses) so now alls we need is Valve in the future to discontinue mod support and we've as good as lost probably the best thing in PC gaming with the exception of dedicated servers.

Ofcourse console gamers will scoff at how small of a deal it is but there is still so many dedicated communities for games which if they were console only, would have been forgotten by now. A good example is Jedi Academy.

kevnb2520d ago

as that happens console gaming becomes more and more like gaming on a crappy pc.

Dojan1232520d ago

I am surprised Dice or anyone has not set up a subscription to play mods. I know that is a crazy thought to PC gamers but at least we would get new maps from the community faster than we are now getting DLC.

just_looken2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

? steam has mod sections the recent one being for skyrim its free but its ground work for what your talking about. Actuality simtropolis sold simcity 4 user dlc on disc for cash.

the ground work is there.

ParanormalGamer2520d ago

Thank you guys for all this feed back.
It seems to Me this topic is far from over.

You guys bring good points about PC Vs console debate.
I will be doing a follow up to this article soon on youtube. hope you guys be there.. I will be using some of the comments from this on the Video Article.