Pathetic Supplication: BioWare and the Ending of Mass Effect 3

"When did we get like this? When did we develop this sense of entitlement? Did something happen while I wasn’t paying attention that made video game fans believe they – not developers – should get to choose how art is made then given to them? Must have. Because since the release of Mass Effect 3 we have witnessed a very depressing and extremely regressive outcry from fans." - Author

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supernaught0002518d ago

When did we get like this? When we decided to shell out the money for the game. Bioware decided to capitulate because they want to keep getting our money for the products they produce. If Dairy Queen started putting feces in your milkshakes would you still buy them? You might, but I wouldn't.

--Onilink--2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

i said it before and ill say it again, if these so-called writers cant even bother to look for a synonym of the word entitled, they dont get my attention, all they do is a copy-paste of what some misguided people have said before and pass it along as "articles"

Mythicninja2518d ago

I can always tell i'm dealing with a jackass when the word "entitled" starts getting thrown around.

Warny552518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Our investment of 180$+ into the series gives us the ability or "entitlement" to actively criticize the product that we purchase while the anger stemmed from the fans also comes from the obvious lack of effort to put forth an actual good game copying and pasting combat system (with extreme flaws in the cover system that dates back to the first game) and then creating a storyline that didn't fit into the created ME universe that was developed by the previous lead writer that bioware decided to fire most likely to save money in the first 2 games Bioware then decided to outright lie to there fan base about the ending saying that it would offer different endings for every player knowing this to be false it's like advertising and ice cream by saying there's gold at the bottom when in all actuality you as the producer know for a fact that there's a massive turd at the bottom of that ice cream but you know that there's no way you can lose money on putting that massive turd under that ice cream because people love your ice cream and expect it to be good so you save money by just throwing a turd in there and forget about the reaction by your consumers because they have already given you all there money for turd cream, and quite frankly that turd cream has ruined the entire series replayability for me because no matter my decisions there will always be that turd cream sitting at the bottom waiting for me no dlc or story extenders can change that for me Bioware decided to put out a half ass game and this is what they get in return and it's the least they deserve

Norad62518d ago

Video games may be a form of art (up for debate), but they are a consumer product first. They always will be.

Costumers have every right to criticize and demand a certain quality from a product they pay for.

If we don't criticize and complain, the industry itself will diminish in quality.

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