The Last Stand: Why FPS Titles Need to Take Cover

Activision and EA Games unveiled their third iteration in their modern combat shooter series. Now the dust has settled I think it's time we took an assessment of their records and determine where we take their military career from here.

Battlefield 3 was a bit of a bust on EA's part and in no fault of EA. They marketed the hell out of it, even got internet video god and action sensation Freddie Wong to make a whole commercial for them. The game had a lot going for it and some people were trekking away from the Modern Warfare camp, but still MW3 was getting new sales and some people don't remember what it's like when they've been hurt before.

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ATi_Elite2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

"Battlefield 3 was a bit of a bust on EA's part"............Oh Really!?

Battlefield 3 has sold over 13 million units and that does NOT include PC Digital sales!

More like BF3 is Money BUSTING outta the Bank for EA!

All 3 Mass Effect titles combined do not equal 13 million and M.E. has had more hype and promotion than BF3!

bobrea2523d ago

How the hell was bf3 a bit of a bust? It's an awesome game and I'm pretty sure that it sold well. I didn't even read the rest.

glennco2523d ago

in targeting CoD towards casual gamer and not updating the game engine in the process they have lost my business plain and simple. i don't care how well it sells, it isn't aimed at me. BF3 is doing perfectly fine where it is. EA can go ruin/milk MoH for all its worth but please leave BF alone. don't ruin a game just for sales, just ask bioware

Rob Hornecker2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I wouldn't consider BF3 a bust,what I think the author is driving at is that there is a lack of support for it. ( as in no DLC or a much delayed patch. ) Thats where the CoD franchise has proved its self even with its hackers and cheaters.Not to mention that it has a lack of anything new as far as game play.Oh and where is the teamwork in CoD?Bf3 prides itself in the use of teamwork!

I will always be a die hard BF3 fan more than I will ever be one of the CoD series. Its just all the BS we hear from EA/Dice about the future of BF3 that has turned alot of people off.

As far as the FPS shooter goes,I prefer modern combat style games and this story starts off with 2 of the most popular,but goes on to recommend games that are more like Halo,Left for dead,and ultra futuristic type games.

If you want some great Modern combat games that are already out there and can be had for cheap,try either of the GRAW'a or either Operation Flashpoint titles.

Speaking of Ghost Recon,lets see what the new one will play like in may when it comes out! Lets hope it was worth the long wait.

hiredhelp2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

WOW people still trying to hate on my game BF3 the community's game he enthusiast's game the gamers game....... Well ok then i forgive you BF3 not quite your taste maybe little bit hardcore for you just a tad no perks really to get killstreak, yeh i can see why you hate cod with a rolling T90 mowing you over cos you hideing thinking why i cant i call in for a chopper.
Yeh well if i was a butt hurt cod player i hate the wonderfully detailed nviroments of bf3 the way you choose to play, having to actually get and ride a tank thats not just stuck to the grownd can be dawnting or perhaps controllng a havock watching you dont get locked on cos you team mates in the chopper might just get crash landing.
Well yeh mabe we should just let games like cod carry on for many years safer then going out into a battlezone.

BTW thank god ARMA III not hitting consoles now that is a mans game.
@robhornecker. Ive pre order my future solder
Ets hope i get same fun factore as i did with graw 1and 2

Rob Hornecker2522d ago

I agree with you on ALL counts. I eagerly await GRFS with a happy trigger finger! Most CoD players will NOT enjoy a game like GRFS,its more a game that is best played with other like minded people that enjoy a teamwork based game!

I see alot of CoD players try to play BF3 like they do a CoD title and end up hating it because BF3 is not a run and gun,me me me style of play.

See you on the Battlefield HiredHelp. WOW?is that a Commodore computer logo? I have seen that in years! I still have a C64 and a Amiga 500!!!

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