Uncharted: Drakes fortune review ( B-) - "When it comes to movie-style storytelling, Uncharted is more Sahara than Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Nathan Drake is a much better murderer than a fortune hunter. The guy rarely discovers anything. Every new ruin or vault he stumbles upon is already crawling with thugs who beat him to the punch, so he simply shoots them all, snatches whatever trinkets they left behind, and follows the breadcrumbs to the scene of his next mass murder. The guy is saddled with a pair of worthless sidekicks whose sole purpose is to drive the action."

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Grassroots4031d ago

It says a B- how is that a 75%?? Sounds like an 80% to me.

crazy250004031d ago

was thinkin about that....this was a WEIRD review....with all the compliments and said what was positive and negative

but overall the review went towards 80% or more

Dark_Vendetta4031d ago

I think:
A+ = 100%
A = 95%
A- = 90%
B+ = 85%
B = 80%
B- = 75%
But maby I'm wrong

masterg4031d ago

It's true that the exploring is limited in the game.
But on the bottom line this is one of the best games (best single player) I have played in 2007.
And I have played just about every game out there.

solideagle14031d ago

u should check the gamerankings it lists 75% thats y i have listed it.

solideagle14031d ago

man its approving very fast i thought nobody will approve it but i think some fans are approving to degrade it. but i havent played it yet. i dont have even a ps3 but soon i will.

jackdoe4031d ago

Yep, look at the approvers. PoG, Bloodmask are all looking to degrade it.

pswi604031d ago

they are all reeling from the (again) killed rumors of MGS4, crysis, ps3 power thread, xbox ultimate thread, every time they stir the pot they get stepped on twice as hard, this is just them clawing thier way back to attack mode.

InMyOpinion4031d ago

This is as credible as that Mass Effect review.

Everyone knows they are both great games.

power of Green 4031d ago

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dec 31st,2007
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pswi604031d ago

why criticize him for doing exactly the same thing you do?

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The story is too old to be commented.