Unreal Tournament 3 : New Gameplay Videos

Unreal Tournament 3 serves up yet another helping of the tight, thrilling gameplay the series is known for.

Check out the new gameplay videos courtesy of Gamespot.

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C_SoL4033d ago

Can someone tell me how long the story is & is it good?

DiLeCtioN4033d ago

but bought the game in usa..when am home ill play it, most people say its good and even reviewers gave it top scores

Shankle4033d ago

All sources claim the story is short and crap. Thia game is all about the multiplayer.

Kleptic4032d ago

the story isn't "crap"...its just never the center of you forget about it altogether...

the single player game in UT3 is nothing more than a multiplayer map with bots...the story tries to give reasons as to why you are fighting bots and trying to destroy their "respawner" by taking their "flag" (har har) over an over again is completely silly...

I don't know...whenever reviews criticize the story, it overlooks the fact that its not the center of the game by any means...its an arena has 3X the story of any arena shooter...and by that margin, also has by far the best of any arena shooter...

its a worthwhile purchase for any multiplayer shooter will get your ass kicked over and over if you are not used to something like this though, and it will take nearly the entire single player campaign to discover all the little alternate fire tricks (shock grenade, shard pinning, 3 alternate rocket fires) as well as the effects that the dozen or so vehicles can pull is hands down the deepest multiplayer game available right now though...

Bazookajoe_834033d ago

fast paced full action hardcore blow people up kinda game, the campaign is more of a training. But i still liked it, and even if you don´t play online you can play bots in all kinds of matches. It´s super fun, the only negative thing i can say is that it don´t have splitscreen. But it´s been talk about adding it in a update. Oh, the grafick is amazing =)

Kleptic4032d ago

I have to admit the graphics are incredible...I thought UE3 had more or less been totally exhausted visually...Gears looked great, but so far UT3 is the only UE3 game that makes a significant leap above it...Bioshock looked great, but more on an art level kind of way...and ME staticly looked awesome...but the framerate problems and even worse texture pop than gears left a lot to be improved on...but Gears quality texture, 2x the draw distance (the warfare maps are huge, and you can still see the enemy dark walker messing shat up the entire map away)with triple the on screen enemies, and about 10x the speed is really something to the HDD install option almost entirely eliminates texture popping, ...

If Gears 2 uses UE3 is will be awesome to see what else can be down with the engine...UT3 is definitely the current UE3 flagship visually...and its nice to see that both consoles can crank out some crazy graphics with that engine...

SIX4033d ago

Fighting bots (simulates playing on line) makes up for the lack of a proper single player. Like Bazooka said. It's more of a tutorial. Don't be mistaken though, after all this is an online game. Don't expect much more.

wangdiddy824033d ago

I just cant pull myself away from COD4.. But UT3 is a most buy if you own a ps3.. All around great fun game

moujahed4032d ago

If you want this game based on it's Story Mode, don't. It's not like Halo... well in a sense it is because everyone that purchased Halo plays it online, or the Multiplayer Campaign mode. Which UT3 has.

Yet this game Story mode is no where near the Story mode of Halo. This game is intended for Online, Multi-Player Mayhem. Enjoy.