Art In Play - Can Videogames be Art?

Neigh says the man from Chicago! But with opinion in a state of flux and the 'professionals' to busy to comment on the topic let's have a closer look at the argument at hand and the artistic side of gaming.

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itsactuallyadam3168d ago

Art is hard to define these days.

Hellsvacancy3167d ago

No its not, Art is borin, all you do is look at a paintin then move on to the next paintin "hmmm, oh yes, it looks divine darling"

Take the Mona Lisa for example, wtf, its just a paintin of some women, i wouldnt buy it, pay to to see it, even if i had all the riches in the world i wouldnt pay no more than £10 for it

Games show you more than just a paintin, games take you behind the paintin, you immerse yourself into them

Ive NEVER been to an art gallery, IF i was, id like to go to the H R Giger museum in Switzerland what he does is what i would call "art" Art of imagination

h311rais3r3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

It's painting...

3167d ago
MagicAccent3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Anyone who poses the question "Can [blank] be art?" is an ignorant fool, and will always be no matter the answer...

Surfaced3168d ago

For a couple years now, every time this question comes up, I've been quoting the response that Kellee Santiago of thatgamecompany gave:

"We're not debating whether games are art anymore.
Just say that they are.
It allows us to move forward in a more thoughtful & positive position for talking about the future of video games."

Bagogames3168d ago

Had I not already quoted Ebert I would have included that as well, but then I'd have turned the whole thing into a re post of two other people's opinions. I think Kellee is right, but I think in the end it won't matter. Kellee will, without tragic intervention, outlive Ebert and her opinion is one of a more relevant generation; ours. :p

Hicken3167d ago

Speaking of these two individuals in particular, I wonder what he has to say about Journey?

Did he say anything about Flower that I don't know of? I'll wager it was something ignorant, if he said anything at all.

I've never understood why people can't comprehend that things aren't tied down to only their interpretation of things. It would be like me- being a black male from inner city environments who'd HAD to run from the cops and duck a few bullets- saying that heavy metal isn't music because I didn't grow up listening to it. Of course, I DID grow up listening to it, and classical, and country, as well as rap, gospel, R&B, and so on, and that all colored my view on music; not a fan of the screaming in death metal, but the drummers in bands like Norma Jean are unreal, to say the least.

I digress.

What I'm getting at is that it's not terribly difficult for people to see outside their standard range, and yet sometimes they make it SO hard on themselves. Ebert seems to be one such individual, but I'm wondering if he could honestly sit and WATCH one of Kellee's games being played and then argue that what he's viewing isn't art.

CrimsonEngage3167d ago

This is a stupid question. Game development is an art. Who do think writes the stories? Designs the concept(art)? Uses 3D programs to SCULPT the models and design the worlds?

Bagogames3167d ago

It is a stupid question, did you read the entire article?

milohighclub3167d ago

Video games are art BUT developers aren't artists.

TheFirstClassic3167d ago

So video games are art...but those who create video games aren't artists... If your job is to create things that are considered works of art, aren't you an artist?

Bagogames3167d ago

Arts are created by artists though, see the problem? I personally see games as 'interactive art' but then some would argue that it's because they are interactive that they can't be art. You can win a game, but not you don't earn credit points for staring down the Mona Lisa. :P

BuffMordecai3167d ago

For something that people don't considered art, it sure takes a lot of artists to create.

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