"Journey" bashing reviewer defends himself

Tom Chick, in an extended FAQ, defends his latest controversy.

On march 19th he gave the hit PSN game "Journey" (metascore 92) a harsh 2/5 stars, by far the lowest review it has gotten. This was met with almost universally negative feedback.

In an article longer than the initial review, he attempts to defend his position and address his many critics.

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Hellsvacancy3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Let the dude hav his opinion, i HATED Battle: Los Angeles, one of the worst films ive EVER seen in my life, im sure theres those who think differently

Dont pay to attention to reviews, make up your own mind, like i do, youll hav nothin to moan about then

I personally liked journey, nice change from my normal gamin lifestyle (shootin stuff)

RedDead3970d ago

Yeah let the opinion be. There are bound to be people who do not like the game


because the sad little pathetic troll is still trying to keep his unrelevant score in the limelight by now making a FOLLOW up article on his patheticness with a article even longer than his original patheticness of a review!

BrutallyBlunt3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Either the Sony fanbase is the most passionate or the most delusional. Maybe both.

Funny how we see on N4G the most conflict and the most active topics seem to be related to negative articles concerning Sony game products. Why is that?

Oh nevermind, there's your answer. A lopsided affair where we have a glut of Playstation 3 owners above all others within the various forums. Which explains the bias that continues to bring the comment sections down. I as a Playstation 3 owner am embarrassed by the conduct we see here daily. Who cares if someone doesn't like a Playstation 3 exclusive, does it really matter? Journey looks amazing to me but it's not for everyone.

There is a reason why we see so many negative topics regarding Sony devices, the crowd feeds off of them. Now watch as the disagrees pile up on me which further adds to my claims.

tiffac0083969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )


Yet you forget to mention the negative comments made by Sony haters that also ruins the reputation of N4G and stirs conflict even on positive Sony articles.

I just find it ironic that you try to be morally upright but once again only targets one specific fanbase for all the negativity.

Your claims are hollow because their bias. You want to be taken seriously? Then be fair in your judgement because there is a lot of blame to go around on all corners of each fanbase.

SilentNegotiator3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

It's not about opinion. Tom Chick is a classless troll.

BTW, Metacritic claims to leave out reviews that vary "too far" from the general opinion. So how does a 40 get to stay on a list of 90s, 100s, and less than a handful of 80s?

BrutallyBlunt3969d ago

Of course they aren't the only ones but who are you trying to kid? There's a huge influx in bias here and it's mostly due to sheer numbers. The fact is N4G is largely made up of pro-Sony supporters. This is why I call them out. I also called them out because once again here we are in a topic where this rabid fan base is getting the headlines. They are upset over this review just like we see on certain IGN reviews and so on.

They act like there's a big conspiracy against Sony. The author didn't like the game, oh well.

tiffac0083969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )


I ain't denying that some fans goes overboard. It happens on all fanbase but you just can't throw the entire Sony fanbase under the bus because of the loud minority. How the heck did that become fair?

I've said this before on N4G, do not generalize or marginalize a fanbase for the fault of a few because it doesn't help our community. It just adds fuel to the fire and justifies the haters on both ends of the field.

If you see someone who's being a immature that doesn't favor your opinion and views then call them out but don't judge the entire fanbase for it.

And I can't believe we are doing this conversation on a Tom Chicks article, I think even you know the review history of this man.

MaxXAttaxX3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

And you doing the exact opposite isn't any better.

N4G isn't made up of pro-Sony supporters. That's bullshit. Those statements spawn from envy and jealousy. I understand that there's more going on from Sony systems, therefore there are more PS3 related articles on N4G which happen to attract the Sony crowd. But that's not the fan's fault, these articles are directed at them. And taking jabs at them or Sony related stuff isn't helping your cause, you only make it worse.

There are just as many Sony haters and anti-Sony-fan fun suckers like you as well. You just gotta look for them instead of focusing only on the people you have a problem with.

360 fans complained when reviewers gave Halo Reach an 8/10.
Didn't see you then telling people how it was just an opinion and how terrible 360 fans are.

If you're not a Sony fan and you hate Sony fans, then stop coming to Sony related articles where you'll obviously find Sony fans.

ASTAROTH3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Ok as I see it... all of us could have different opinion because it didnt make the game better or worse but, when you are paid to review a video game you have to be as proffesional and objective as you could. This professionalism will make your "opinion" stands among the rest. I dont get why everyone here call a review an opinion when you need knowledge on the matter to be as objective as you can... this guy Tom Whatever is just a clown....


Ohh and my definition of a review is just an informative writing about the good and bad things you could find in a product... Thats why I dont believe on scores and on "opinions" because they need to be as objective as possible and the ones ending with the real opinions are us the people who bougth the product. So few objectives reviewers in our professional video games journalists makes you wonder why so few people take gaming seriously... a shame if you ask me... and again its just my opinion.

snp3969d ago

"Now watch as the disagrees pile up on me which further adds to my claims."

Lol. Brilliant. If people agree with you... you win. If they disagree with you... you win.

Kurt Russell3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

My opinion is there are a lot of whiney bitches spitting their dummies out about something that is moot at best.

BrutallyBlunt3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

@ Nathanexplosion

want to see something really funny? Here's a comment from you:

"It's not really broken, but
360 fanboys will believe anything. "

Now mind telling me where you say the same thing about Playstation 3 fanboys or Wii fanboys? If anyone is a hypocrite it's you.


It's not generalizing because I too am a Playstation 3 owner. The fact of the matter is this site is favored heavily to Sony related manner within the forums. Which as I say leads to lopsided discussions but worst of all, bias. What I find ironic is you telling me to ignore those who are very biased when what people should be doing is ignoring the obvious hate/negative articles. Especially those who don't seem to be able to handle them maturely.

MaxXAttaxX3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

That's it!?
That's all you came up with? A comment I made stating how a game was still playable and not completely broken as some fanboys were commenting and jumping to conclusions?

And the reason why I personally don't refer to Wii or PS3 fanboys is because, unlike many 360 fanboys that go into PS3-only articles to say stupid shit, I don't dedicated my time going into other articles which do not concern me all the time.

You're talking about the forums and how its dominated by more PS3 related discussions. Who cares! Stick to other topics. Nothing preventing Xbox or Nintendo fans from starting discussions. Maybe, like I said before, there's more Sony stuff going on, therefore more to talk about.

I still stand by everything else I said on my previous post.

tiffac0083968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )


Well then my suggestion is just choose your words wisely because when you said Sony fanbase, that does sounds like your generalizing the entire fanbase. You can't get your message across if its misunderstood.

I did say on my previous post that you should call out the loud minority but you really need to be specific when you give them a piece of your mind.

Just remember, prove one wrong and you can silence the loud minority. Make an improper comment (even if it was made under good intentions) then you embolden them and get the silent majority disagreeing with you.

And that doesn't help you or our community.

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CarlitoBrigante3970d ago

I dont have problems with people having an opinion. But seriously, why is this no-name website of his on Metacritic? No one has ever heard of this blog.

Bagogames3969d ago

Tom Chick himself was an actor of little repute, Metacritic must have thought it'd be good for a giggle or two.

SandwichHammock3969d ago

This wouldn't be a problem and you'd be right...if his short bus ass wasn't included in the Metacritic, which I'm sure you know, it is.

Fucking clown (not you, the reviewer).

joab7773969d ago

I agree. I love reading low score reviews, especially for widely acclaimed games. As long as it is thoughtful and makes sense, it gives another perspective. Maybe there is someone out there who may not like the type of game being reviewed but would never hear it from most reviewers. That being said, i think he is crazy& in today's day and age u will never be able to convince someone u did it honestly and not to get hits. Hits may not pay him, but thevtruth is that the more people that go to your website, the more money you will get. I think they did a study on that somewhere.

showtimefolks3969d ago

you know now a days the reviewers are so untrustable that even when someone is being legit with their concerns or their opinion, we just look at all of them the same.

ign has set a new all time low with their reviews in last 2 months, they are either all time highs with mid 9s or all time low and 4.5 to total of 5.

but than again if you are interested in a game just rent it to make your own mind, many reviews said bad things about yakuza dead souls but i have been playing it and its LFD with a very good story so i kind of like it

watch reviews to find out what you need to but also keep in mind a review is one person's opinion

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arbitor3653970d ago

the last thread about this guy got to 530 degress, and 111 comments. im just giving people the news they will be interested in discussing

FatGayandbald3970d ago

i'm shaking my big ass fist at him so much my glasses fell off.

CarlitoBrigante3970d ago

We don't care what this guy has to say capisce? Don't post articles to N4G just for flaming purposes.

My only problem is that this no-name website of his is on Metacritic.

NJShadow3969d ago

Yeah, well that was a really lame move.

snipes1013969d ago

In case anyone missed (I think) arbitor's humor, he's making the point that people on this sight give the limelight to the dumbest fucking (imagine that last word underlined and bolded, in italics) news articles ever.

Who on the ugly face of this earth gives two and a half ounces of a unicorn's fecal matter if he didnt like the game?! HELL, who cares if he did it for hits?! The crap you think gave them to the guy? The same people who walk in here every week claiming to not care one iota about what some critic thinks.

But lo and behold, the lovely people here at N4G are just too quick to contradict themselves. The moment a review goes against the grain, someone is out to put a bullet in someone else's skull for daring to bash it.

I dont care if the guys trolling, thats not my point. Its the fact that, on a daily basis, the same people constantly harping about trolls have set up camp under the damn bridge and cooked marshmallows for it!

God damn is N4G a great place to come and let off stream. It's impossible to run out of ammo when the place is such a breeding ground for mental deficiency.

Hawkred633969d ago

Very true, but mark my words they will all reply to you either vehmently denying it or accuse you of being a troll.

JoySticksFTW3969d ago

Arrgghhhhh!!!!! F U, TROLLL1lLSZZ!!!1!! D:<

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Godmars2903970d ago

He's just trying to get more attention.

ksense3970d ago

agreed!this whole thing is a cheap tactic to get traffic to website and have people talking about it. i for one will never give this site another click as they should be ashamed of themselves.

unworthyBOZO3969d ago

Pretty much he pulled this stunt with uncharted 3.

Son_Lee3970d ago

It's his opinion, deal with it. There's many games I HATE that EVERYONE loves like Killzone and LittleBigPlanet. There's games I LOVE that almost everyone HATED like Alpha Protocol, Enslaved, etc.

jony_dols3970d ago

Enslaved was never HATED. It was critically acclaimed & lots of people love it. Just because it was not commercially successful (mainly because of a piss poor marketing campaign), does not automatically mean it was poorly received by gamers.

Son_Lee3970d ago

Well a lot of people here seem to bash on Enslaved. Okay, for a better example, I LOVED FFXIII and hated FFXIII-2.

ASTAROTH3969d ago

Again SON_ LEE you could have an opinion and it will be as valid as mine but a videogame "professional" journalist needs to be as objective as he can... and this guy is not... its just pointing his opinion and to me his opinion doesnt count as a real review of the game. Lets give you an example: If I hate Halo and Im going to review it, it is good for you if I said in less than a paragraph why I hate Halo and then give it a 4 out of 10??

So dont defend others opinions...

Rainstorm813970d ago

Maybe you prefer mediocrity

Son_Lee3970d ago

Maybe I have preferences, just like you.

Rage_S903970d ago

Sooooo, have you played journey?

Son_Lee3969d ago

I have no interest in Journey at $14.99 for a 2 hour title, no matter how brilliant it may be. Besides, it doesn't look that good to me.

Armyless3969d ago

I have paid more for a 2 hour movie. I have played Journey more times than I have watched any movie repeatedly.

It's meant to be played in one sitting, because if you meet a fellow traveler and make it to the end together, you will experience a -piece- of what the game is teaching you. You will make a friend, and you will never take the Journey with that same person again.

You will either know more, or less, than the companion you travel with. If you know more, you should 'teach' your fellow traveler more, and vice-versa. Trust me, there's quite a lot here to experience, and the 2-hour once play through is left as a simple, beautiful experience to your tastes.

yewles13970d ago

People forget ONE thing about opinions... they can be disagreed upon. If guys like Tom Chick can say whaterver he wants, so can WE! Whether it be about him OR his opinions OR how wrong he is, WE have the right to say it too.