The Last Guardian Keeps Us Waiting

A few years back, the Japanese videogame development team, Team Ico, announced plans for “The Last Guardian.” Anyone who ever enjoyed Team Ico’s previous efforts, “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus,” got their hopes up for this new release. “The Last Guardian” is an adventure game to be released for PlayStation 3. Players control a young boy who has to escape from giant stone ruins that look like the ancient remains of a great city or castle.

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Community2555d ago
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Kurisu2556d ago

"The Last" Guardian
"The Last" of Us
"Final" Fantasy Versus XIII.

How fitting that these games are more than likely going to be some of the last big hitters on PS3 before next gen roles around!

hellzsupernova2555d ago

and Agent if it still exsists!

CarlitoBrigante2555d ago

Sony keeps us supplying with great exclusives. I hardly have money left in my pocket buying PS3 exclusives O_o


PS2, altough it still lives, went out with a Bang in 2007 too:
God of War 2

2555d ago
humbleopinion2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

FF12 and Okami both came out in 2006. The PS2 was pretty much dead in late 2007 with GOW2 being the last major hit. That year is when the current generation made its impact.

CarlitoBrigante2555d ago

@j-blaze: oh cmon just shut the hell up, Final Fantasy 12 and Ôkami were both exclusive to PS2 in 2007.

Btw, where do you get the idea we don't buy our games?? From Vgchartz I suppose? Those numbers are fabricated, they're not official son.

@humbleopinion: no, FF12 and Okami came both in 2007 here in Europe, and I suppose in America too.

humbleopinion2554d ago

Nope, both came out in the US in 2006 already. Why do you suppose things when you can just as easily check Wikipedia or any other relevant source?

TheLastGuardian2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I bought Resistance 3, inFAMOUS 2 and Twisted Metal all day 1 along with many other PS3 exclusive I hyped in 2011. I hate when people say PS3 fanboys hype PS3 exclusives then don't buy them. True PlayStation enthusiasts such as myself do buy them.

"PS2, although it still lives."

Isn't it amazing how long the PS2 has lasted? PS2 will probably still be selling by the time the PS4 hits the market. That's crazy.

Late comment, but whatever.

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DigitalAnalog2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I think what Kurisu is trying to imply that the exclusive titles contatining "The last" and "Final" being synonyms of each other are what equally could define the PS3 this generation.

rataranian2555d ago

It's too good to even bring out.

Hicken2555d ago

I feel some kinda way about that.