Rumored New Xbox 360 Playing Ultimate Catch-up? writes:

"This all makes me scratch my head and ask, "Are they (Microsoft) trying to make a PlayStation 3?" Having gone through three 360's in my first year, I'm in no hurry to rush out and spend $600+ on an Xbox 360 no matter what it can do."

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toughNAME4032d ago

I really don't want to be forced into a format

just make the blu ray add on already

kevoncox4032d ago

I would be more mad if I bought a new system and:
3 months later it was 100.00 cheaper
6 months later a version that is $200.00 cheaper has all the features.

I think this model is what the Elite should have been. However, if I want to go out and play NG2 i can buy a core for 279 and enjoy the game just like any model. With the Ps3 you have to dish out atleast 399.99 period.

Also, everyone is acting like this probally won't go hand in hand with a drop in price for the other versions. I expect:

Core/ Arcade = 199.99
Elite - 299.99
Ultimate - 399.99
I think the premium will be dropped.

wageslave4032d ago

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speculation based on speculation. already reported as inaccurate.
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As much as I love SG + the podcast, The majority of their posts are not worthy on N4G, Esspecially Rothbarts and his rants.
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why is it LAME? fancied articles that talked favourably about new SKU could be why not this which refutes the idea of having an overpriced SKU
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LAME not to mention based on a rumor that is most likely false.
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smitty4031d ago

Jamming HD-DVD into a 360 just to spite Sony is ridiculous. There won't be any games in HD-DVD since it would alienate all the existing 360 owners that only have a DVD drive. The Ultimate Super Deluxe 360 is shamefully trying to spec up to a PS3.

power of Green 4032d ago

In the end both consoles will end up trying to be like eachother?. PS3 is designed based from the 360's vision( PS3's still playing catch-up on the software side/service).

Whats this guy complaining about? don't buy it.

I thought the 40gig PS3 bashing posts were retarded no one cares, you either buy it or you don't.

Neurotoxin4032d ago

"I thought the 40gig PS3 bashing posts were retarded no one cares, you either buy it or you don't."

Wow power of green i think we have all learned something from your most humble comment.

ATLRoAcH4032d ago

If Microsoft knows anything better than software its money.This is not a way to make money and they will lose money.The 360 has already sold well the way it is and people probably wouldn't want to buy another 360.This could have possibly worked had it came out like a year and a half ago.

D3acon4032d ago

Something I've been saying for the longest. In every instance microsoft has said something is not needed, that Sony had, then turn around and implement it in their system. If Microsoft actually could implement hd-dvd for their games then they're putting their foot in their mouth again, etc...

The only thing I praise microsoft for is xbox live, its a great service, but then they charge you a monthly fee and some games a developer will charge you thier fee on top of that for those mmorpgs. I might had been tempted to buy a 360 at launch, but then I saw the core, what a load of crap.

And unlike Microsoft, Sony is not trying to copy their competitors. I'm sure Sony could copy live service but Sony is a innovative company so the decision to make something like HOME is good for them and the industry. It creates growth and new ideas for how game communities and industry leaders view games. Games should never become stagnant, like the movie industry. There should always be some new game on the horizon not sequel after sequel because they are afraid to try new IPs. That's one thing you can say about sony, they aren't afraid of new ideas.

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