"Xbox 360 Ultimate" Rumors Unsound, Thursday, 03 January 2008 - By Kris Graft:

When contacted by Next-Gen, Microsoft declined to comment on the rumor of an equipped-to-the-hilt "Xbox 360 Ultimate." However, a separate source close to Microsoft who wished to remain anonymous told Next-Gen that the rumored "Ultimate" is simply not on the cards.

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crazy250004033d ago

Its the same thing Sony said before the price drop......"I have no idea about a price drop, its not going to happen"

We're just going to have to wait and see

ktchong4033d ago

Sony straight out LIES and deny a rumor even if it's true.

Microsoft remains silence: "No comment!"

Neurotoxin4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

And you never get hit when your back's to the wall
Gonna fight to the end and you're takin' it all

pswi604033d ago

after they announce the ultimate this Sunday, un-named sources will be 0/3 this week.

raerae284033d ago

Well the rumors for CES next week are filled with speculation of the Xbox 360 Ultimate. Supposedly a machine with 320gb HD, and built in Wifi as well as HD-DVD player. So lets look at the break down.

100.00 for HD DVD player. This is cheap considering 130.00-179.00 (Price Range of HD-DVD outboard add-on during 2007)
450.00 for Xbox 360 currently with 120gb HD
100.00 Wifi Adapter
100.00 320 gb HD (This is just a cheap estimate)

750.00 Total. So lets say Microsoft sells it for 699.00

Hmmm, PS3 built in BluRay Player, Builtin Wifi, 400.00

Do we really think that this would even be competition.

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Nicosia4033d ago

How did the name get out, thats what bothers me. But yeah crazy also has a point, why isn't ms coming out and just saying ''NO!''.

Bombomb4033d ago

by next week. All this rumbling of ultimate 360 will be worthless as this site can be at times.

Ms does not have the same strategy as sony point blank from the start.

why is MS not saying anything? well the CES is like 4 days away, who the f%%k have time to be answering fanboys about something that will happen in 4 days. I think MS reps have something better to do then answer rumors that start about online.

Sh$t in a couple of days all will be silent.

MUNKYPOO4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

who the heck comes up with these rumors then?

edit: thank dlacy13g for your reply i see what you mean

Dlacy13g4033d ago

Face it, most of these rumors get started by some "credible" media source who probably (usually) has no real source other than trends of the market, and proper deductive reasoning to start said rumor. Problem is fanboys get a hold of said speculation and turn it into fact (see MGS4 coming to 360 for evidence).

I am sure MS has some big announcements at CES and GDC...but I highly doubt any are around the "ultimate xbox".

IntelligentAj4033d ago

I can't understand why MS would make an ultimate. This would only make sense if they created some kind of trade-in program for the existing 360's.

ThatArtGuy4033d ago

Isn't the RROD the trade-in program?

mintaro4033d ago

wow that's a pretty good idea

Bnet3434033d ago

Yeah pretty much it is a trade-in program. When my Xbox 360 RRODed, they couldn't fix it, so they sent me 12 month live card, PGR3, and a brand new Xbox 360. I don't understand why people get mad at the RROD thing, you get tons of free stuff so I wasn't complaining.

IntelligentAj4033d ago

I meant if you have a 360 they would take that one back and you would pay the difference between your 360 and the ultimate. Also when they send you the 360 back from rrod how long does it take?

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