PSF Review: Street Fighter X Tekken "Good first move by Capcom"

PSFocus writes: The clash of two famous fighting games is here and we have to thank Capcom and Namco for that. A solid fighter, but not as good as we expected. Why? Read the review to find out.

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Boody-Bandit2522d ago

Quoted from review "No signature Tekken moves"

Are you guys playing the same game I am? What Tekken character in the game does not have their signature moves?

"online lag"

ALL online games lag. SF x Tekkens biggest online issue is audio drop out which I'm sure Capcom will fix ASAP.

"No punishment for rage quitters"

This I agree with 110%

"Characters hold back for DLC"

^This is getting old. DLC is out of control from all developers. From here on out I expect every reviewer to be at war with all devs that have DLC being created side by side with their franchise titles. I wont be holding my breath over this since I know too well the hypocrisy of the so called media. Never biting the hand that feeds them.

"Plot of story mode"

^It's a fighting game, not Mass Effect or Uncharted.

Over all this is a pretty weak review. I agree with some of the complaints but equally disagree with some as well. This game isn't perfect but it's better than a 7.5.