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Trendy Gamers: Silent Hill: Downpour is not a redefining experience. It does not return the Silent Hill franchise to its former glory or revolutionize the survival-horror genre. It does not have the complex characters, gripping narrative, and oppressive atmosphere that fans have been hoping to see again ever since Silent Hill 2. The game lacks tension, is a buggy mess, and contains several sections that seem to be designed to actively annoy the player. Most surprisingly, is that despite all this there is still an incredibly fun and satisfying game to be played here.

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creeping judas2522d ago

I just simply hated the combat in this game. To me at least it was very difficult and cumbersome. So I did not enjoy the game at all. Loved the atmosphere though, very awesome!!

camel_toad2522d ago

I love horror games including the early Silent Hills and really tried to get into it but searching room to room for items that let me basically get into another room to look for more items just felt tired and so been-there-done-that to me - and with the combat being so "meh" I just couldnt get into it. Agree on the great atmosphere but it just wasnt enough to keep me playing.

SephirothX212522d ago

The reviewer is basically saying that the game is rubbish but the best game he has ever played despite it being crap. It makes sense if you don' think about it.

Pintheshadows2522d ago

I'm liking Downpour. A lot. The combat is clunky but I feel like that adds to the panic factor. It isn't an action game after all. In fact I don't consider it to be survival horror either. More like a psychological horror adventure game.