PS Uni Underground Radio 011: Congressman Chewbacca

Put away that distress signal, PSUR is back, with Joe, Malcolm, and Tyler discussing politics! Oh, and games too.

Listen in as they discuss news -- Is <em>Dragon Age III</em> on the horizon, and why is Malcolm so excited? Why is the Government sticking their nose in the video game industry this time, and why is Joe so angry about it? Why are the protagonists of <em>Final Fantasy XIII-2 </em>wearing  <em>Mass Effect</em> armor, and why doesn't Tyler care?

And for the main course, we go into a little more detail about the movement to get a new ending for <em>Mass Effect 3</em>, and the fact that it looks like it will happen. Have Joe and Tyler changed their stances from last week? Do the players have any right to complain? What does <em>Evangelion Neon Genesis</em> have to do with any of this this?

All this plus RK's questions and Other Things Joe Hates on PS Uni Underground Radio!

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