Cory Barlog: Welcome Back - Comments on God of War III

Cory Barlog writes on his blog:

"For me, the whole departure from Sony was not exactly the ideal route that I wanted to go, but in the end I think it is the absolute best thing I could have ever done. I am not going to go into any specifics as to what it is I am working on now, which sucks, but I can say that I am cooking up several things.

I know for the God of War fans out there it might be a bummer that I am not working on God of War 3 (or for some it may be a good thing I am not) but rest assured that it is all in good hands. The Sony Santa Monica team is one of the best teams I have ever worked with. Also, immediately after I finished God of War 2 I was already working on the story and design for the third game. So when Sony and I finally did part ways the foundation of the game, along with story that completes the arc we began in God of War , was complete. I wish I could have been there to see it through to the end, but it was just not meant to be I guess. The story is going to finish off with a very big, very epic bang though. I think everyone will be quite pleased. Well, everyone except edge magazine that is. :)"

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MK_Red4035d ago

Great find and read. It's still sad that he's no longer in the team. Nice strike at Edge magazine (God I hate their strange scores, 8 for BioShock, 7 for Mass Effect, 9 for PGR4...)
Glad to see he liked Mass Effect. Can't wait for GOW3. It WILL be very very very very very EPIC.

heyheyhey4035d ago

its nice to hear from barlog and i hope whatever he is working on turns out to be good- and he didnt need to tell us that GOW3 is going to be epic that was a given as soon as people finished GOW2 lol

darkvenom4035d ago

with you MK_Red Cory not being there for God of War 3 sucks but at least he finished the story,and Edge mgazine does suck Mass Effect,and BioShock deserved better.

The Killer4035d ago

his boss design was better than Cory Barlog, am not saying Cory Barlog is bad he did a better gameplay than david jaff but the design of big bosses wasnt better but he did a better small bosses design!! conclusion if both of them work on this game then it will be perfect!

KidMakeshift4035d ago

Hey Raoh

As long as they don't stick Jade Raymond in front of it I'll be happy

Maldread4035d ago

Yeah i agree. I liked GoW`s bosses better, even though i loved that they had more boss battles in GoW2. So a combination of both would be great, although i really doubt Jaffe will be back :( Not Barlog either for that matter.

Polluted4035d ago

The Perseus battle in GOW 2 sucked, as did the battle with the gate keeper (Theseus?) and the Pegasus levels, but that game still ruled. I just think the first one was a lot more consistent. Also GOW 2 lost some of its wow factor since we'd already seen and been amazed pretty much the same graphics in GOW 1. GOW 3 should take care of that problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.