Super Battle Opera 2008 Begins - Japanese Fighting Game Tournament

The Bitbag writes, "Tougeki, or Super Battle Opera, is an annual Japanese fighting video game tournament hosted by the magazine Arcadia. The tournament takes place over three days - usually under what is known as Golden Week, to make sure that people that participate don't have jobs or school to attend to. The tournament only consists of arcade games and cabinets. The participants must win the qualifiers in order to be part of the finals at the Golden Week. There are also last-chance-qualifiers during the day of the event."

The following games are being played this year.

1-on-1: These are the games that SBO are testing.
- Arcana Heart 2
- Hokuto No Ken
- The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match

2-on-2: These are the games that has a large fandom.
- Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Version B2
- Super Street Fighter II X - Grand Master Challenge

3-on-3: These are the most popular games in SBO.
- Guilty Gear XX ? Core
- Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future
- Tekken 6
- Virtua Fighter 5

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