Hell is Other People – How Gamers are Ruining Gaming

UnrealityMag writes: I like League of Legends. It’s taken me a while to warm up to it, but after a few dozen games, I’ve finally gotten the hang out of it to the point where I can play a match, and not be unspeakably awful. Sometimes I’m even…good.

But the road to get here was exhausting, and with how much hate I received on the way, I’m surprised I stuck with it at all, and am not shocked when I hear many people quit. It’s stunning to me that a perfectly good game can be sabotaged to this degree by its own community, which is one of the most juvenile and hateful I’ve ever seen across the industry.

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mightyles2522d ago

I'm with you 100% on this. Just look at the pathetic outcry over recent games like the Silent Hill HD Collection and the Mass Effect 3 ending. There's nothing wrong with disliking something, but the frenzy that these people get in is just frightening.

On a similar note I only play online with friends now. Random people are just plain awful nine times out of ten.

ritsuka6662521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Not forget the hate in Resident raccon city, is really out of this world.

"which is one of the most juvenile and hateful I’ve ever seen

IMO this gen is worst ever of "gamers"..

Outside_ofthe_Box2521d ago

*sigh* I'm tired of people getting upset because they are in the minority when it comes to liking a game...

I agree that online play is best played with friends, but playing with random people can hilarious especially those that get butthurt every time you get a kill on them lol.

Blastoise2521d ago

Not really the same thing is it?
The article is about getting online abuse. People are annoyed with the Silent Hill HD Collection for many reasons, apparent framerate issues, changed voice actors, apparent bugs, fog removal(?)ect its irritating for people who waited a long time to play their favourite games in HD are given a game thats so different. And People are annoyed with Mass effect 3 because their many hours of choices have pretty much amounted to nothing (or so it seems).
Im not saying people should send death threats and stuff, but im glad the gaming community is so vocal with their dislikes. It is US after all that funds their sequals, and us gamers get screwed over a lot of the time, take CAPCOM for example.

HarryMasonHerpderp2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Couldn't agree more blastoise,that was well said.
I have been waiting a long time for the silent hill HD collection an the way its turned out is unacceptable.
Its buggy and a lazy port but according to this
"mightyles" we should shut up and stop being "pathetic"
wouldn't you say its more
pathetic to not speak up about a shoddy cash in of a very much loved franchise?

SnakeCQC2521d ago

greedy publishers are ruining gaming with their Disc Loaded Content

TooTall192521d ago

More like Disk Locked Content.

ZippyZapper2521d ago

Greed has, and will destroy gaming, but it will bounce back.

gypsygib2521d ago

People like that don't bother me anymore, obviously something important is missing from their lives that they're trying to fill with videogames.

I feel kind of sorry for a person who can only interact negatively with others, they probably need help, they're lives must be so empty.

No normal person randomly insults others constantly without provocation.

Whenever I get that random, overly hostile comment I just ask the person if he is OK and whether he needs to talk about it. Seriously, imagine being that negative and belligerent in the real world - you'd have no job or friends.

People like that need mental help.

banjadude2521d ago

A little offtopc, but have you seen the latest episode of Pack-Attack (gametrailers)? He said pretty much what you said, and I agree 10000%.

torchic2521d ago

I never ever worry about online MP abuse because I know for a fact that the person channeling all that hate would never say those things in front of me.

Blastoise2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

"In fact, when you run into someone who’s NICE in a game, you want to party up so that you don’t lose them in a sea of loudmouths" Lol so true.
I found uncharted 3 online to be one of the worst for online abuse, because its so competitive. I was up against a clan of people and everytime I killed them I was either a "Lagging B*stard" or a "lagging C*nt". Honestly i have never been called the C word so many times in my life, I wasn't even winning(Or lagging)...its sad that its come down to me having to mute everybody at the start of every match. Same goes for most other online games too

Pintheshadows2521d ago

I found that as well. I rarely play competitive multiplayer and the one game I actually enjoyed was full of idiots. These aren't kids either. Some are clearly in their 20's.

Co-op games (for the most part) are better. Especially if they have a tiny community. F3AR is a good example. There are so few people playing it you tend to find that they're friendly and dedicated. I like that.

ChipChipperson2521d ago

Definitely know what you mean. You should have played Metal Gear Online that came with MGS4. One of the worst communities to play with most of the time. Never again do I want to see an in-game text chat for teams that takes up a quarter of the screen and a vote to kick system that is too easy for players to abuse in any online game.

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