Rock Band: where are the guitars coming from?

Ben Kuchera writes:

At the moment, when you buy your copy of Rock Band for $170, you get one microphone, one guitar, and one set of drums-enough instruments for three people to play. The issue is that the game is designed for four people and, as we pointed out when gave the game our game of the year nod, that's the only way to really dig into what the game has to offer. There is no way to buy a second guitar at retail, and only the 360 version allows the use of Guitar Hero controllers. So I wondered, how are people getting their second guitar?

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Shankle4570d ago

*sighs* you can use the ps3 guitar hero guitars as well now. Don't approve.

beoulve4570d ago

if u can enlighten me, how?

EZCheez4570d ago

Let me guess. You don't own either, do you?

4570d ago
Shaka2K64570d ago

They are just milking the Guitar Hero franchise.

Raptors4570d ago

I played rock band for the 360 on new years and I never thought id have so much fun. A crying shame for ps3 owners are having to put up with the stupid issue about the guitars.

mosskidd924570d ago

if you look on gamestop's website they sell them.. go to ps3 then accessories

xplosneer4570d ago

"Pre Release Ships 2/4/08."

That's not the point. The point is that people who have both DON'T want to buy another guitar. They just want it to work. And now I hate both companies. It works on 360, but they're blocking the patch for PS3. Idiots.