10 Nastiest Glitches in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City ‎

Gameranx writes: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is full of glitches. You'll be surprised at how buggy this game is. We've compiled a list of ten amusing, if not outright hilarious glitches in the Operation Raccoon City.

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Dark_Overlord2521d ago

Some of these glitches are inexcusable, the completely disappearing textures, and the unpassable door. No wonder the game is getting slammed for being broken

suicidalblues2521d ago

Did they say which version this was from? I have it on ps3 and have only had the hunter getting stuck happen to me.

I've played campaign on veteran and actually thought the ai was alright. But I haven't sunk a lot of time online yet, so the cloning bugs may be something I'll see shortly.

Iceman X2521d ago

People have sooo much hate for this game thier nit-picking to find anything. I have the game it's Great i would honestly give it 8/10. There' a FEW problems but still a good game. GREAT game for co-op.

crimsonfox2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Im really enjoying the game too, the coop has to my favorite i have played in a while the story was short but I want to try and beat it in harder difficulty. And the multiplayer is really fun especially biohazard and survivor

Pintheshadows2521d ago

The one thing this game has going for it are the multiplayer components. They're good. The singleplayer, not so much, mainly due to the AI but i'm certain that can be fixed along with a host of other niggling problems.

The one that stuck out for me was during the hospital where zombies are meant to smash through a door. I spent almost an hour trying to figure out what to do. I gave up and when I reloaded the game later they immediately smashed through. I was irritated and slightly bemused.

Fix it Slant Six.

BI0RAPTOR2521d ago

I was one of the small majority that defended this game,but since spending more time on the versus MP side of things I have come to the conclusion that this side of the game is so un balanced its a crime.
I am eating my humble pie with egg on my face while my ears ring out to me "I told you so".

h311rais3r2521d ago

I thought the game was a glitch...