Xbox 360 HD DVD Predictions For CES

The Bitbag writes, "These aren't rumors but predictions. If Microsoft is truly adding an HD DVD player to their next Xbox 360 SKU, what are their plans for the player? I'm sure it's not to just allow movie playback on the 360. I can assure you that if developers have access to the technology, they are going to start using it for games. This is one of the advantages the Playstation 3 has had from the start. Plus there are other factors involved here."

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aiphanes4034d ago

Did they not say 8.5 Gigs was enough for games?

tordavis4034d ago

Sony said the Playstation 3 would be fully backward compatible. Things change man.

CeruleanSky4034d ago

8.5 gigs?

The 360 only has 7 gigs available for games - 1.5 gigs smaller than last gen's PS2 and Xbox had.

That's one of the main reasons DMC4 and GTA4 look like crap.

Charlie26884034d ago

@tordavis: are they gonna say "things change" to more than 16million 360 users?

I think MS is probably smart enough not to do that (considering its pretty much a complete contradiction to what the have said and promoted for the past 2 years) and prevent massive media and user backlash even worse considering we are coming out of the season the 360 sold the most units

I REALLY don't think MS knowing what is best for the 360 are gonna announce that

CeruleanSky4034d ago

Right now there are no HD-DVD drives that read DVDs at the 360's 12x speed.

8x is the fastest DVD speed for HD-DVD drives.

marinelife94034d ago

MS won't even let developers make Hard drive only games. I doubt if they would allow them to make HD-DVD exclusive games.

However that HD-DVD emulator program is quite interesting.

unlimited4034d ago

They did want full BC for the PS3, but so many people is bitc*** about price and constantly whining how its to expensive. Sony have no choice to make a new SKU that is cheaper with less features and more affordable to the consumers. Why blame them for something the people don't want at all. They even give people the choices now. If you want full BC buy the 60GB or the 80GB you will get your money worth. Don't expect freebies you get what you paid for.

xplosneer4034d ago

But HDDVD's 1x is faster( a lot faster) than DVD's 1x speed. Same with BluRay for that matter.

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cmrbe4034d ago

add it only for HD-DVD movie playback as MS don't want to alienate the current x360 fanbase by putting out HD-DVD games which can't be read on Dvd drives.So basically an x360 with an inbuilt HD-DVD drive instead of a external one. If this comes true the format war will drag on for another 2 years at least.

speakthetruth4034d ago

I mean, look at Sony and how they trojaned a movie format into their PS3 and creating a monster Blu-ray fanboy base at the same time. Good move by Sony.

I think microsoft should make a good move and make Gears 2 an HD-DVD game, thereby tojaning HD DVD into millions of consumers homes. This would be the ultimate trump card against Sony's Blu-Ray. The only problem would be Epic's willingness to possibly lose sale because it is infact an HD DVD game, and consumers would need the HD DVD drive on their XBOX 360 in some form or another.

I think to do this successfully, Microsoft would need to migrate all SKUs to 1 SKU with an included HD DVD drive, Release Gears 2 in an HD DVD add on bundle and separately, drop the price of the HD DVD add on, and release all blockbuster first party titles on the HD DVD game format. Third party developers can have the option to produce the games on either, but they'll probably go the DVD route since it is already in established XBOX 360's.

But, theoretically, if you want the hottest games, you will have to have the HD DVD drive. I think a very large number of people will pay for the HD DVD drive to play Gears 2. Just my opinion.

lonestarmt4034d ago

wouldn't that raise prices? man microsoft is eating thier words on some things. You don't need a hard drive! you don't need HD gaming! you don't need high storage on a disk! you don't need wi-fi!! I guess sony made some good choices after all. haha.

Mr Murda4034d ago

They were right, you don't "NEED" any of those things, but they're at least giving a choice to the consumer. Let's not go back to the pre-launch arguments from 2 years ago. We can agree to disagree.

actionjackson4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Right. We don't "need" optical media either. Nintendo was doing fine with cartridges. For the evolution of gaming, these features are, however, becoming needs.

The issue is not that MS is probably going to include these features. The issue is the problems it is going to cause early adopters (which happen to be the die hard fans of the system). MS has unprecedently shaken up this industry, and I can't say most of it for the good. They started this various SKU scenario, and are imposing strains on the dedicated consumers. Furthermore, MS's strategy of paying ridiculous amounts of money to secure exclusive content has drastically inflated the game prices and the developers' dedication to gaming. Yes, Sony has paid for exclusive content in the past, but not with the figures that are being tossed around by MS.

Moreover, you talk about choice, but when do options end? How often will gaming companies change direction within one generation? This is absolutley catostrophic to the consumer. Confusion is being bred at the speed of light. When someone buys a "Premium" they expect it to be the best. That's what they paid for. Then the company uses another word "Ultimate" to trump the "Premium". Then people will invest in the "Ultimate" and a year and a half later . . . This is MS's doing. What do you think the early adopters will think if some high-end games are being made HD-DVD exclusively? This immediately alienates millions of users and forces them to buy the HD-DVD add-on to play these new games. Bottom line, MS doesn't care about the consumers. They just want the $, which is becoming increasingly evident.

Just look at how mad the devoted Xbox gamers have gotten from this rumor. Regardless of what side you are on, MS's strategy is starting to piss everyone off.

unlimited4034d ago

The rushed their system (RROD) and constantly upgrading the 360..All the choices wasn't there from the start. I choose quality over quantity anytime.

rayc00134034d ago

yes very true but when game dev. start making hd games for the 360 are they going to want to make 2 versions of the game one hd and one standard dvd. this really makes no sense.

speakthetruth4034d ago

Yes, you're right, it does not make sense to release on both.

But Microsoft, which now has a stake in HD DVD with HDI, can make a sh*t ton of money if the release the infamous GEARS on and HD DVD game format. Once the players sell, Microsoft would cash in on every HD DVD movie sold, because of its HDI technology.

Don't be suprised Gears 2 is only release on an HD DVD disc, all I'm saying.

niall774034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

... I think Bill Gates BIG annoncment is that MS will join the blu ray group.

making a HD DVD 360 this late in its life is just silly

Ikanago4034d ago

If they join the Blu-Ray camp, then it will be a big step in ending the next-gen DVD format war SOON. Because, the #1 selling HD-DVD drive right now is the 360 add-on due to price and ease-of-use.

actionjackson4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Although that would be a crazy introduction, I just can't see MS pulling the plug on HD-DVD (a technology they have spent hundreds of millions on). Let's not forget that MS had a hand in the Paramount exclusivity payoff. I can't imagine MS just bowing to Sony.

@ vega75 -
I never said MS paid off Paramount. I simply mentioned they had a hand in it, as mentioned by most industry players. Second, MS has invested tons of money in this format, primarily the HD-DVD add-on. It would be very tough to send a mixed signal to MS's own consumers by joining BR. Nonetheless, it's a good debate. One I'm willing to see the outcome to.

Sez 4034d ago

ahh. MS doesn't own HDDVD they just surport it. it's toshiba that will lose millions. and MS didn't buy paramount off.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4034d ago

I was thinking they would start supporting both blu-ray and Hd-dvd, in order to make the 360 a better HD hub choice. At the same time, it would pre-long the format war to some extent and give them better sales with the 360.

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