New Product Cools Console and Sports Many Ports

The british company Gamexpert is taking preorders for a beast of an Xbox 360 peripheral called the Cooler King, that will dominate the back of your machine. The King boasts 4 usb ports, a cooling fan and an entire set of video out options, including component video, VGA and s-video.

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Jakens5859d ago

Sweet!!! Not too bad.

willud4skins5859d ago

cool but i dont think i'll ever need that many ports

PS360PCROCKS5859d ago

well if the link actually worked for me, that's lame

2tired2day2hate5859d ago

according to

30 pounds is about 56 dollars. not a bad price when you think about all the things it can do.

Dusk5859d ago

this isn't one of those 3rd party products that makes your console explode.

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