Gaming Bits Video Shows How to Use Remote Play with Your PS3 and PSP

By Alexis Morgenstern, Thursday, 03 January 2008:

Here's a video for those of you new to the PSP and Playstation 3 who would like to see how to use the Remote Play feature. It's an update to a previous video done. Setting up Remote Play is much easier now. The video shows Remote Play setup using PSP Firmware 3.80 and Playstation 3 Firmware 2.10.

There's also plenty of new functionality since the earlier video, like playing PSone game discs and remotely turning the Playstation 3 on and off. If you just got a PSP and have a Playstation 3, you should definitely take advantage of the Remote Play features. It's great for downloading stuff from the Playstation Store on your PS3 when you aren't home for the latest PSN downloads.

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Mc1874033d ago

One day there will be on-the-go pawnage.

ToeKneeHaze4032d ago

Well I can access all my media linked to my PC puter via the remote play on the psp. and all the movies I can play on my ps3 seem to work on the psp?

That by the way is not shown in that video. You can also access any file/media/pic/video that you have linked on your Desktop Puter to the ps3.

crck4033d ago

But does anyone know if the PSP will ever support divx? That would be awesome.

kspraydad4033d ago

that when PSN allows for video downloads that DIVX will be supported on the PSP and PS3 jointly.

kspraydad4033d ago

1...the big point of the most recent PS3 update is that you DONT have to set your PS3 to be in Remote Play status in order to access it with the PSP. If fact your PS3 can be shut off. (the first Remote Play settings shown in the video accomplish this)

2...this is the EASY part of remote play. How about showing the problems that arise trying to do this over internet if you don't have the knowledge to open ports on your router?