Dear Rockstar, Max Payne and Max Payne 2 HD after Max Payne 3 please

If Max Payne 3 is as successful as LA Noire, re-releasing the original games in HD may be a good move for Rockstar.

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Moncole2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Wont happen. Rockstar doesn't do HD collections and you can by those games on Steam.

Legionaire20052523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Heck you can play them right on Xbox Live, just download them. Not sure if its on PS3, but check it anyway.

Kamikaze1352523d ago

He's referring to playing them in HD. You can't play them in HD on the 360.

humbleopinion2522d ago

They do HD remakes for mobile phones:

Regardless, the original max payne games are pretty much HD already: the PC version supports any resolution, and the some of the textures can rival current gen games.
It's just the 3d models that look a bit outdated and make the game look a bit behind, but most of the HD remakes (except for perhaps Halo CE) never bother with reinroducing hi-detail models anyway.

Ocelot5252522d ago

they get stretched in widescreen resolutions tough

MrBeatdown2523d ago

If there was one publisher I'd want in on the HD remaster trend, it would be Rockstar. I'd absolutely love to see Max Payne and GTA collections.

The crazy thing is they've done re-releases for Max Payne and GTA on iPad.

marioPSUC2523d ago

I do wish they would. I never played the first 2 Max payne games but yet I really like what I'm seeing from Max Payne 3. Definitely going to have to play them before max payne 3.

GillHarrison2522d ago

Max Payne is coming out on iPad soon, but yes just buy the PC version.

Grove_Street_CJ2522d ago

Yes this would be quite nice along with a GTA HD bundle around the time GTA 5 comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.