What's Going On With Prey 2?

Ian Fisher writes: As of now there are still a lot of questions as to whether Prey 2 has indeed been cancelled or if gamers are just jumping on the gun too fast in a blind sheep sort of way. A couple of years ago it would seem unlikely that a publisher would cancel a game in development that likely has a high price tag attached to it, but these days it’s all but common practice for publishers such as EA, Activision, or even Sony to completely dump a game after spending years and millions upon millions on a game that was either announced or was all but rumored in the circles of industry and message board chatter.

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Cajun Chicken2519d ago

I think they've renamed it and it's no longer under the Prey name, I'd like to think that, at least.

pr0digyZA2519d ago

Hmm then they would have to cut some of the Tommy missions out, plus there is all that stuff to do with the plane that was in the first game. It would be interesting to see how they rework it. I would definitely prefer that to it being cancelled.

Dovahkiin2519d ago

They really shouldn't cancel it as rumoured, I was looking forward to seeing more about this game.

DarthJay2519d ago

I actually have this on pre-order and am really looking forward to it. Seeing the initial trailer made me run out and actually buy Prey, and it looked like this was going to be light years ahead. It would be a shame if it did actually get cancelled.

Son_Lee2519d ago

If this is cancelled, I will personally go to Bethesda's studios and cancel them.

VanillaBear2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

That is untill they wave Fallout 4 and the Skyrim DLC in your face

Son_Lee2519d ago

Man you are so correct. I love Fallout and Skyrim.

sonicsidewinder2519d ago

Dunno, but I'm feelin' a little perculiar about it all.


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