Game Chronicles: Tales of Graces f Review

Game Chronicles: "I've come to realize that amidst all of my recent dragon slayings and shooters that I've been missing out on one of my true loves in gaming, the Japanese RPG. There is something about clichés and adventures that I've always loved growing up. In fact I haven't really played one since the release of Tales of Vesperia some time ago. It wasn't until the latest release in the Tales franchise, Tales of Graces f, on the PS3 that I found myself back into the fold like meeting up with an old friend after years of separation."

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Snookies122522d ago

Ahhh, I look forward to playing this game...

NewMonday2522d ago

my copy is on the way from the USA, not waiting till summer for a European release

Infernostew2522d ago

This game is incredible. So much extra stuff to do with great characters and an above average story. If anyone is on the fence about getting this, do yourself a favor and just pick it up. You won't regret it!

Inception2522d ago

Agreed. Warrior's Roost and Magic Carta are one of many stuff that i really loved in Graces f.

chiwoo2522d ago

Yeah its one of the most best enjoyable JRPG I played in years it reminded me about how JRPG's to be made.

TheColbertinator2522d ago

Love Tales of Graces F.Its an old school RPG built for us,the gamers who built this industry.

googergieger2522d ago

I wish there was better advertising. Even online. I was lucky enough to pick this up when I saw it at Gamestop when I went to sell back Mass Effect and some other games. Luckily enough this game has put me in a better mood and taken the cynical out of me in regards to ME. By the way if people didn't know it was called Tales Of Graces F, it'd look like Tales Of Graces was getting an "F" in every review. I don't know, I thought that was a little funny.