Journey: My Story

Luke writes:

"So before I made the leap to buy this game, I decided to check the internet and see what the initial reaction was. Now to say the reaction was positive is an understatement. I was seeing the words profound, moving, beautiful; pretty much every positive adjective. So I then indeed took the leap, chose to purchase and my goodness it was worth every penny. Let me take you on a Journey…"

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Ilovetheps42520d ago

Journey is such an amazing game. I enjoyed every second of it. I've beaten it 4 times and I will probably play it again sometime after the school year ends. Journey deserves all of the praise it has gotten.


Sony should consider releasing the best of PSN/SEN on a retail disc every year or two if the calibre of their download only games persist to be anything like this.

NJShadow2520d ago

That is a BRILLIANT idea!

CHARLIEBROWNE2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Papo & yo

Those although not all sony game id buy that retail disc.

banjadude2520d ago

Forward that idea on the Playstation Blog. I'll "thumb up" the idea, too!

NJShadow2520d ago

Awesome review, for a game that is most definitely deserving of it.

DN_BritishNoob2519d ago

Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it :D