EVE Online ad Dust 514 Show One Universe, One War With a New Cinematic Trailer

EVE Fanfest 2012 is in full swing and CCP Games just released a new cinematic trailer of EVE Online and Dust 514.

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shammgod2522d ago

This will be a day one for me and curb my FPS appetite for a long time. When is this due out?

Virtual_Reality2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Still unknown, but the beta is in April. The full game is coming out this spring 2012.

gtxgamer22522d ago

I hope its spring! during the Q&A session i swear i thought i heard him say "lauching decemeber" but i dont know. Hopefully not

thorstein2522d ago

Indeed. An FPS where our actions actually matter? Win.

Persistantthug2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I can't wait for this to arrive on my XBOX 360!
I'm sorry....
I really gotta stop doing that.


telekineticmantis2522d ago

The amount of tine I might be investing, in this. To think everything including gameplay will be upscaling, so maybe as games evolve this may be evolving along with it.

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Deputydon2522d ago

As much as I want this game to catch on, I doubt it will. Plus, CCP is known for taking forever to optimize a game, then when they finally do they update it with things nobody wants, then eventually unpatch those and repatch it with what we actually wanted, kind of. Basically it took them years to get Eve how the players wanted it.

Persistantthug2522d ago

Because there's nearly 65 million PS3's.....many millions of which would be glad to get and play a free game.

Mabey not you, and that's ok.....but you are simply 1 against many millions. Sorry sir, but your 'disagree' stands, Deputydon.

Jobesy2522d ago

With that attitude it won't catch on. Just don't complain when the next COD, BF, MOH, BFBC are more of the same thing every year. If you don't support this, you don't support innovation.

Deputydon2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Okay, disagree with me. The funny thing is, I do support this game. I was one of the people supporting it waaaay back in the day before it was even announced as f2p. I played Eve for 3 years. And. I will be playing this game. But look at Kz3, that went free online and it still doesnt have that many players.

This and counter strike GO are my must play FPS for this year.

FunAndGun2522d ago

the downloadable KZ3 multiplayer is just a demo. It is not free to play. It is free to DL, play to level 10, then you're done if you don't buy the full game.

dragonyght2522d ago

that was a fkn' awesome trailer

gtxgamer22522d ago

That just hyped the sh*t out of me, i cannot wait to play. Imma be soo hooked on this game.

DA_SHREDDER2522d ago

This looks like Battlefront on steroids. Cannot wait for this game!

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