Partial nudity, suggestive themes and more detailed for Atelier Meruru

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed a rating summary for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, detailing the game’s partial nudity, suggestive themes and other content.

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rebirthofcaos2527d ago

yesss, loliiissss XD.

I know people will disagree but Im making fun of it.

Shivan2526d ago

Do you want me to teach both of you what loli means?

It isnt a character type, its a situation type

Its a situation in which a young girl ( usually under 13) falls in love with an older man, usually a teacher.

Thats what loli is......

Megaman_nerd2526d ago

that is true but in the context of anime any cute female that is 13 or younger is considered a loli.

Shivan2526d ago

That isnt true. In the context of anime what i said is the definition of loli.

Either which has nothing to do with atelier as I think 1 percent of the characters are under 13.

tiffac0082526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Shivan is right.

Outside of Rorona who became a kid for some sort of reason. No one is a loli in the Arland Atelier series.

The youngest starts at 14 (Which is Totori in Atelier Totori) and never falls in love or gets into a relationship with anyone older.

Although it just occurred to me, I never saw any partial nudity in both Rorona and Totori... suggestive dialogue is true but partial nudity hmm...

tarbis2526d ago

Lolina is so cute. But prefer her original self in Atelier Rorona.

rhap2526d ago

Done with Rorona and Totori, just waiting for Meruru release. It was pretty cool to see the characters age between the first two titles, so I hope they get even more old by the end of Meruru.

tiffac0082526d ago

According to Gust this is the last of the Arland Atelier series. The next Atelier game will not take place in Arland.

So we don't know if we'll ever get to see any of our beloved characters in this series. I hope at least they get a mention though.