$430 Budget Gaming PC Build - Starter Kit

Gamers Nexus: "This system will play everything on high or medium settings - even at $437. Learning how to build a gaming PC is exceedingly easy, and these budget builds, or in this case, the Cheap Bastard's build, make great first systems and will still play most games on high settings, with a few medium setting games thrown in the mix. Have no fear! We at GN are here to help you build a powerful system at low cost.

Remember, even the cheapest gaming PC is more powerful than current-gen consoles."

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ATi_Elite2522d ago

I would go with the HD6850 instead of the GTX550ti The HD6850 has more horsepower and overclocking head room.

I also like the fact that the Mobo has 2 PCI-E slots so you can go Sli/CFx in the future.

Also you get lucky and can unlock the 4th core on the Cpu.

Other than that a very nice build to get you PC gaming.