Target: Terror Announced for the Wii & Screens

Target: Terror is the first game from Konami that will be compatible with Nintendo's new Wii Zapper; players will be able to capture the old-school flavor of fast-paced light gun shooters from gaming's glory days of the arcades. Target: Terror puts players in the role of an elite counter-terrorist agent charged with protecting the U.S. from an ever-increasing wave of terrorist threats.

With a full-scale assault spanning the entire nation, players can show these terrorist thugs who's boss, using an assortment of lethal weapons including machine guns, grenade launchers, freeze guns, flamethrowers and even an orbital laser beam from space. Target: Terror also features a unique "Justice Mode," allowing players to dual-wield weapons for twice the mayhem.

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MK_Red4036d ago

WTF is this!? Seriously, it looks like a Genesis or SNES game. WTF are publishers thinking? Wii doesn't deserve this. Sure, it's no graphics pwoerhouse but at least it's not something from early 90s as this game looks to be. And I thought Cruise'n was Wii's worst looking game...

Shankle4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Well come on, we all saw this coming. It's a cheap console that is selling wildly to the casual gamer. Cheap games like wii sports have been selling incredibly well. The huge install base and the consumers who don't read reviews mean that a developer can knock out a crappy game with horrible graphics but some great boxart and it will sell. This is especially true of movie-game knockoffs. These are games which will sell regardless of any quality, and will sell like crazy on the wii.

MK_Red4035d ago

No body's expecting BioShock or Uncharted from Wii but seriously, this game looks like a SNES title. Wii is supposed to be at least as strong as GC or even better. That means its games should be at least better than PS2. This Target Terror looks like pre PSone!

Shankle4035d ago

I know. It's a disgrace. It just happens to be what Wii owners are voting for by buying those games.

MK_Red4035d ago

It's indeed sad and disgraceful when something like Carnival games sells a lot while a soild game like Zack & Wiki doesn't.

DeckUKold4035d ago

I ain't buying that SH!T

MK_Red4035d ago

I'm not buying it either but someone is (Sadly). I feel sorry for the little kid whose parents by this thing as a birthday present!

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wiizy4035d ago

thats because some older players consider this a classic and its not so bad to me.. they are following sega's example with house of the dead. and i hope they both do well and keep the games coming.

DeckUKold4035d ago

i been throught snes that should be a wiiware game THAN i would have been ok but as far as a CD u got to absolutely GOT to have standards for this i mean come on waste of space nintendo your seal of quality is weakening these past years what happened?

MK_Red4035d ago

Eh, wasn't House of the Dead a really good looking arcade game for it's time?
Also doesn't Wii already have a much much more better looking game in the same genre called Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles? Even Ghost Squad has better graphics than this.

ChickeyCantor4035d ago

Ive been gaming my whole life and seeing this just makes me sad.
your fanboyism is taking a new level just stop it, that makes me more sad =/