How to Avoid Getting 'Deranked' in Modern Warfare 3, Even After Stats Reset

MP1st - "As we promised, we've put together this guide for those who don't want to loose their hard earned stats in Modern Warfare 3."

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dazzrazz2525d ago

Cod4 - Hacked to death, unplayable
WaW - Hacked to death, unplayable
MW2 - No clue, probably hacked 2 in some way
MW3 - Hacked, will be patched... IW has obligation to support game until next November, after Black Ops2 comes out they can stop giving shit at all.

GraveLord2525d ago

MW3 is fine dude. At least it is on PS3.
Pretty sure Black Ops is fine as well.

b4mw32525d ago

not sure how this article pass inspection as it has more errors then swish cheese has holes.

outlawlife2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

There is no such thing as "swish" cheese. I believe you are referring to "Swiss" cheese, and in that case you really can't fault anyone's writing.