GameSpot- Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

GameSpot- When it hits its stride, Uprising is a huge amount of fun. Once you get over the initial control discomfort, there's a deep and satisfying shooter to be found here. There's still the occasional maneuverability foible, but once you get to grips with a control scheme that suits you, these are few and far between.

It's one of the best-looking 3DS games to date, with some fantastic 3D visuals that are used particularly well to convey depth in the flight sequences. Endearing, enjoyable, and brimming with content, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a loving homage to Nintendo's heritage.

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TheDivine2520d ago

One of the best handheld games ever made. Puts most 60 dollar console games to shame with them amount of content and collectibles. It feels like a mix of kingdom hearts, ff dissidia, and star fox. I hope this is the rebirth of the franchise with more 3ds kid icarus games and a new wii-u title.

Stephen55432520d ago

Definitely is my favorite game on the 3DS. Controls take some getting used to...I kinda wish they would have enabled CPP support for aiming (ground segments would benefit from it)