1UP's Favorite DLC of 2007

1UP figured they would start the new year by looking back at their favorite bits of DLC from 2007. It was the first full year of service for the PlayStation Network and Virtual Console, and combined with a strengthened offering from the Xbox Live Marketplace, there was (almost) always something to download, week in and week out.

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hella whip4035d ago

Not one mention of Warhawk which was easily the best downloadable game last year.

Meus Renaissance4035d ago

They dont mention Warhawk as it would win it. How convenient

wangdiddy824035d ago

warhawk and high velocity bowling are 2 of the best downloadable games this year.. Hands down..

lovedaddy4035d ago

SSDHD is defo one of my fav PS3 titles to date - I just wish Sony EU would get their act together and get Everyday Shooter released.