Tetsuya Nomura Hints At A Theater Mode In Final Fantasy Versus XIII

In the second part of his interview with Famitsu,Square Enix director Tetsuya Nomura continued his discussion about the Nintendo 3DS game Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance.

He also managed to reveal a small bit of information about that other project he’s working on, Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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DigitalRaptor2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Any info on VERSUS is like finding water in a desert - this is just only a drop. Disappointing.

We know lots already, but still not enough: http://www.finalfantasy-fxn...

Shang-Long2520d ago

how about a hit of the release date

D3mons0ul2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Don't you wish that you could extract Nomura's thoughts on any given day?

I do....

I NEED a pipeline to Versus information! OPEN YOUR BRAIN, YOU BASTARD. I NEED TO KNOW!!!

Godmars2902520d ago

An evaporated drop at that.

Mind you, sort of makes you wonder why XIII didn't have a theater mode, much less why monsters in its encyclopedia didn't scale or rotate like they did in XIII-2.

Sad I have to guess that any news is coming at TGS. That he can't just come right out and say it.

Nate-Dog2520d ago

ZOMG I'm on that site too. By the way (in case you just bookmarked that page or something) there has been a newer updated version of that topic up for a while. http://www.finalfantasy-fxn...

DigitalRaptor2520d ago

Damn. I meant to post that updated thread. Not on it today. :/

Cheers Nate-dog!

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lastdual2520d ago

Skipping cutscenes and watching them later doesn't really equal a theater mode. I doubt we'll be seeing YouTube vids of the "Top 10 FFvsXIII kills of the week".

In any case, Nomura should just put his money where his mouth is and actually finish the game while there are still people out there that care.

juegosmajicos2520d ago

I don't think this is up to Nomura as much as it is up to Square Enix, who keep pushing out Kingdom Hearts spinoffs instead.

Basically, Kingdom Hearts 3 is on hold because of FFvsXIII, which is on hold because of Kingdom Hearts 3DS, which is like the 4th or 5th KH spinoff since KH2 (probably at least 3 of those were released after the announcement of FFvsXIII).

the_bebop2520d ago

which spinoff are you talking about Birth By Sleep is a prequel 358/2 Days is a side story about Roxas, the only game that comes close to a Spinoff would be Code/RE:Coded.

TheUnbiasedLion2519d ago

KH 3D is essential to the main story line, just cause it's on the 3DS doesn't make it a spin off.

I am hoping though that all 3 games are bring worked on.

CLOUD19832520d ago

Well if all of u come in Nomura's place for a moment u will understand instantly why he take his time with Versus XIII and dont rush it, SE have screw up so much for such a long time and now all the disappointed almost ex-fans w8 just for this game to decide if SE is worth their time & money anymore, if this game flop SE sales is going to drop even more in the future because some thousands of ppl will never trust them again ever, I mean ever like NEVER! my self included.

Ingram2520d ago

It's not like the game is getting so long because they've been making it since 2005, they started preproduction in 2008-9 or so.

Definitely not a polishing matter, just greedy 'ol squeenix pushing other games on us first.

Inception2520d ago

So versus have a skippable cutscenes & theatre mode? Well that's good...cause if not than WTF are you doing for the last 6 years nomura-san? -_-

But nomura-san, can you give us more...important info than this. I mean, we need to know if this game is real and not a vaporware / canceled. A release date are more welcome after 6 years right? :P

Swiftfox2520d ago

For the last 6 years, Nomura and his team have been involved in Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and countless portable games.

You see, whenever Square-Enix gets on-stage and announces yet another title, Nomura and his team are inevitably pulled off of VsXIII to work on it. This is precisely the reason why VsXIII, while announced around the same time as Final Fantasy XIII, has yet to be remotely finished. Apparently, the Square-Enix HQ building consists of Nomura, his team, and 1000+ untrained chimps.

This is just cynical spit-balling but I distinctly remember interviews of Nomura expressing his unhappiness about Square-Enix management and the companies direction. Perhaps this is Square keeping Nomura on a tight leash.

Inception2520d ago

I don't really care whatever reason why versus stuck for 6 years. Be it like nomura too much handle another project because the boss order him. Or nomura unhappy why his boss and the company took the wrong route. What i (and maybe the other fans) wants is the release date for Versus, A.S.A.P

Ingram2520d ago

"Apparently, the Square-Enix HQ building consists of Nomura, his team, and 1000+ untrained chimps)"(...)


tiffac0082519d ago

I blame Wada's mismanagement for all the bad rep SE has and is currently getting.

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