G4TV- Kid Icarus Uprising Review

G4TV- Pit's return is bogged down in parts by inept controls and dull, overlong ground combat scenarios, but Kid Icarus: Uprising can't help but stand out on the whole thanks to thoroughly excellent aesthetics, plus short-but-sweet shooting segments. It's an uneven revival, no doubt, but Uprising is also one of the most self-assured and impactful Nintendo 3DS titles to date, despite its weaker elements too regularly softening the buzz.

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ronin4life2520d ago

I have no problems with the controls.
Maybe you just suck? ^<>^;
Naw, I'm just messing. (A little...^_^;)
Seriously though, monster hunter on psp got the same flack, and I have no problem with that game either.

Kos-Mos2520d ago

g4, the place for "cod lovers". I feel I don`t have to explain in-depth.