Hitman: Absolution - 'A big part of the game is a moral personal journey for 47'

CVG- IO Interactive's Christian Elverdam, gameplay director on Hitman: Absolution, talks to PSM3 magazine about easter eggs, freedom, barcodes, and Danish favourite The Killing

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Pushagree2522d ago

The guy in the band oversings like his life depended on hitting dramatic notes. Band is good, but seriously, he needs to calm down a little.

chanmasta2522d ago

What guy? What band? o_o

KeiserSosay47882522d ago

Even though I'm pretty sure this game will be pretty good, there is another game that seemed to try to do the same thing recently and failed...HARD

wallis2522d ago

Frankly I'm having fear pangs about this one. IO interactive have immediately failed to understand what drew people to the game. It wasn't for some convoluted soft science fiction nightmare of a story it was for the gameplay and executions!

And so far there's nothing like that in what I've seen. Just linear shooting segment with either stealth or action.

D3mons0ul2522d ago

oh shut up

a more in depth story if done right is NEVER a bad thing. Look at it as icing on a cake if it is well done.

Frankfurt2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Splinter Cell Conviction, Ninja Gaiden 3 say hi.

Making games about stylish murder "more personal" NEVER, EVER works.

vortis2522d ago

No, his point is that we don't play Hitman for CoD style linearity. We were drawn to Hitman games for their open-ended level designs and the ability to carry out hits anyway you seen fit.

So far we have seen NOTHING from this game that suggests that there will be the same kind of freedom in earlier games.

Story is fine if done right but I don't play Street Fighter games for the drama-oriented relationships of the characters and I certainly don't play Forza or Gran Turismo for the personal journey the driver has trying to reach the top.

wallis2522d ago

I was a bit vague. In no way am I underpinning the importance of story I'm just pointing out that games have a unique opportunity to interact with a player. Why throw away the potential user based creativity for developer based direction when if I want the latter I can just watch a movie?

D3mons0ul2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Well "being done right" would imply that gameplay is a factor as well. I figured you guys would be able to read between the lines.

If the cake's burned, icing isn't going to help it.

Balance is key, this is what people fail to understand.

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bauer0072522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

your an idiot they are ADVERTISING the more action based choices you can make! Just as before, you can sneak through EVERY level without killing anyone but your target, just because ubisoft sold out doesnt mean IO would.

Lord_Sloth2522d ago

I find it funny that this game is focused around the morality of an Assassin for hire.

D3mons0ul2522d ago

Didn't they already focus on 47s morality in Hitman 2?

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