Battlefield 3 Patch Delay on Xbox 360 and PC Clarified

MP1st - Yesterday, as many already know by now, DICE announced a release date for the PS3 version of the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch as well as provided a number of patch notes with PC fixes and updates thrown in as well. Noticeably, a release date for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the patch have yet to be given and Battlefield fans are hot on the tails of DICE asking the simple question: Why do PS3 users get the patch before PC and Xbox 360 users?

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gamingdroid2521d ago

Sounds like BS to me. Dice has favoritised PS3. Nothing wrong with that, but don't lie!

Pandamobile2521d ago

They're getting paid loadsamoney from Sony to favour the PS3 lol.

Lulz_Boat2521d ago


i think you have confused Sony with M$.

iamgoatman2521d ago


Yes because Sony has never paid for anything, developers just love to give out exclusive features to their platform for nothing, just out of the goodness of their hearts. /s

ZippyZapper2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I think it's pretty well known that EA = Sony and Activision = MS.

The foolish part comes from EA, NA is where EA makes most of thier money and where the 360 dominates.

F7U122521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Of course DICE favors the PS3 over all other platforms, so much so that the PS3 might get another patch after this one. Oorah! lol calm down everyone the patch will be next week.

"Recently found tech bug we need to fix on xbox. It might come out same as ps3 or short after. I don't know atm."!/gust...

theeg2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

@ F7U12 and Gamingdriod.....

lol....favoring ps3, ummm, not so much....

they favored the pc

DICE came out publically and stated the console versions are equivilant to the pc running at the lowest possible settings in sub-hd 704p, with only 12v12 deathmatch and smaller maps

DICE is a PC developer that occasionally Chops and Ports their games to console as an afterthought.

The games dice has made in battlefield series for pc;

BF1942 The Road to Rome
BF1942 Secret Weapons of WW2
BF Vietnam
BF2 Special Forces
BF2 Armoured Fury
BF2142 Northern Strike
BF Heroes Online
BF Play for free

all pc exclusive

console exclusive bf??

umm, 3 i think maybe....

modern combat, which sucked
bfbc1, looked awful, played medocre and the only decent console exclusive, was a minigame basically.... BF1943 , the only good bf game on console at all-

The only reason dice are pretending to give a shit about the ps3 (they don't,) is to make activision look like assholes for favoring the 360 with cod.

BF3 on pc is a generation, if not 2 beyond the console versions, next gen consoles will not run bf3 (frostbite 2) in ultra, dx11, max aa,af, ssao, 32v32, 64v64, huge maps

aint gonna happen, maybe in dirty ass 720p with jaggies everywhere, unless they actually make next gen consoles cost $550-$700 they will not even look nearly as good as bf3 does on a mid-high end 2 year old desktop. certainly not at 60 frames in 1080p.

Dice is a PC dev, they occasionaly port a game to console, but then again, every console game ever made is a pc game ported to that console.

RedDead2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Ok...I don't know why everyone forgot this but...Since Cod is advertised as 360 and is usually better on 360 etc. Battlefield 3 picked Ps3 to hype the **** out of. Because of Cod. And I would not be surprised if it was sony's money that did that.

But of course, BF3 is really a Pc game.

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CoolBeansRus2519d ago

Some of you guys close your mouth and let your ass talk-quote, lil wayne.

Dice does not favor the ps3, did you read the article?
They favor the pc if anything. I'm glad they clarified that up, it said to see some people don't believe them. These guys are probably putting in hard work to get this patch out asap. Why would they lie about it? What do they have to gain?
Enjoy they patch on the ps3 and other consoles just wait a little bit longer. Either way, they have happy gaming.

AllroundGamer2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

"the team at DICE simply “want to make sure patch is 100% awesome for you guys!", why do i have such a bad feeling many things will go wrong after such a huge patch or the game won't even start :D

Regent_of_the_Mask2521d ago

PS3 gets DLC (and apparently patches) a week early.

spektical2520d ago

yea SONY paid for that remember?

M$ does the same for Activision and its actually worse.

FlareDReborn2521d ago

Lol its funny because Micro$oft has been getting all kinda shit cod related first for years but now when Sony gets a patch and some map packs a WEEK early the xbox users complain. Oh the irony.

brodychet2521d ago

Lol exactly, and when and if the Ps3 users complain about Microsoft cutting that deal with Activision, we get the general snobby response: "Oh money makes the world go round" , "Just deal with it or get an XBox*Snort*" . Yeah.

Series_IIa2521d ago

We are talking about a patch here, not a map pack...

If you think it's acceptable for anyone to get preferential treatment to fix a game, even if the PS3 is the worst performing one... It's not on.

Septic2521d ago

Use your brains...its a patch not DLC.

brodychet2521d ago

Okay let's talk patches. Seems as though Activision sends Microsoft their patches in about 3 weeks before Ps3 sees the light of them. So we can talk patches now if you'd like.

Frenza2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

JUST PATCH THE GODDAMN GAME. I am sick of campers on rooftops because of the MAV. (PC)

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