Turn 10 Announce Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon is an upcoming racing video game for Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console. Developed principally by Playground Games in association with Turn 10 Studios, the game will be a part of Turn 10's long-running Forza Motorsport franchise, but is considered more of a spin-off instead of the next true member of the series.The game is expected to be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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Sgt_Slaughter3970d ago

We've known this for awhile.

SuperBeast8113970d ago

yeah their a little late to the party

ATi_Elite3970d ago

1. Why the hell does this have a PC tag? This is a Xbox360 exclusive!

2. Why does this have a TECH TAG? This is not Tech but a game announcement?

3. The Link doesn't send you to the story but to Forza's website! You have to click another link to get to the story? Bad Editing!

4. Learn how to embed a video! (Right Click-Copy Embed HTML)

If you approved this article.......slap yourself then BAN yourself from approving anymore articles.

Warzone12 you meant well but you need a little more training. If your not sure ask questions. There are actually nice people on N4G who will help you out! Your New but your learning!

I'm more upset with those who blindly approve articles without checking them out.

3970d ago
Perjoss3970d ago

very excited for this, cant wait for more details.

TheFallenAngel3970d ago

I was playing forza 4 at a friends house and I really liked it. I like the details they did with the supercharged mustangs and everything. Now I want to buy Gran Turismo 5 after playing forza. Hopefully this will be as good as forza 4 so I can buy it.

Strikepackage Bravo3970d ago

GT5 is nothing like Forza4. If you go into GT5 expecting the refined, logical and entertaining environment, that you experienced with FM4, you will be very disappointed.

Hicken3970d ago

Typical fanboy response.

dalibor3970d ago

Well GT5 is unlike Forza so expect it to play differently. There are a lot of cars so enjoy hunting them down. And you can purchase a used Formula 1/Indy car in a used car lot(online one and the offline one) for a good price(helpful for endurance races if you don't have the Gt indy car that does like 280mph which you get upon reaching a certain level).

Voxelman3969d ago

I wish it was coming to PC...

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