40° releases Devil May Cry 4: Limited Edition images has released images of the Devil May Cry 4 Limited Edition Steelbook case, as well as the "Art of the Devil" artbook.

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gunnerforlife4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

that looks wicked but how much is it gone cost the special edition i mean.

edit:whats so special about this edition.

Lucreto4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

On Amazon it says £39.99 or €61 or going through a currency converter $90 but it might be cheaper as I pay €61 for most games.

Limited Edition includes a signed artwork book "Art of the Devil" (see image above) and packaged in a steelbook

jaaz4033d ago

That looks kick ass. Maybe we'll finally get a limited edition version of a game that is worth a damn.

Rex70004033d ago

you get the first 4 ep of the anime devil may cry in this limited edition of devil may cry 4 that what i heard iam not 100% sure

gunnerforlife4033d ago

a dont give a crap about the anime but as long as they give me something else with the game,if thats why its gone be £15 more expansive den dey can fof

Lucreto4033d ago

Limited Edition vary form region to region so the US may get the anime and Europe will get this version.

[email protected]4033d ago

Look nice but $20 for a artbook I mean PLEASE! o_O

Lucreto4033d ago

People paid over €100 for a helmet but an artbook seems more practical.