Shadowrun Forums Closing Soon; Next Shadowrun in Work

Former FASA community manager Kimona posted a note on the forums on January 2, 2008, announcing that the forums are shutting down soon. Additionally she said that will be handed over to the people "working on the next generation of Shadowrun products."


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MK_Red4036d ago

I really really hope that they leave the recent Shadowrun's formula even though it was a decent game and go back to Shadowrun's roots and create the next-gen RPG that the franchise truly deserves.

THX71684036d ago

I never played the original. I guess that's why I really like the 360 version of Shadowrun. I think it would have sold more (and possibly saved the studio) if they had done with Shadowrun what Sony did with Warhawk.

INehalemEXI4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I hope the next shadowrun is more like the NES/Genesis Shadowrun was. Rather then the MP only 360 Shadowrun.

predator4036d ago

i actually liked the game and met some good people on there to

mintaro4036d ago

same here, i thought the game was actually pretty good, mind you it wasn't exceptional but i dont understand all of the negative buzz that went along with that game

MK_Red4036d ago

No body says the game was bad. The reason some people hated it and it got bad buzz is because how much they changed the game from the original.
I mean, Shadowrun was a classic singleplayer isometric RPG and they made fast paced multiplayer FPS out of it!!!???? WTF?
What would Halo fans do if next Halo becomes 1 on 1 fighting game? Or if FF14 becomes a driving / racing title?

That's what happened to Shadowrun. The devs simply screwed with the ip. They could have made their original world.

nirwanda4036d ago

yeh it pi$$ed me right off I even got my avatar name from the snes version can you imagine the uproar if they turned gran turismo into a new wipeout but hadn't made a GT game for 10 plus years then came out with that
they need to look at mass effect and add a cyberpunk theme to it

Salvadore4036d ago

Didn't people complain about the game because it was overpriced?

MK_Red4036d ago

nirwanda, I agree. And good point on Cyberpunk feel. The new Shadowrun game felt like a mix of Half Life and Middle Earth.

Kar33m, that was also a reason but the negative buzz was mostly from oldschool players and fans of original. It was rather insulting, what they did regardless of new game's quality or price.

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candystop4036d ago

I would love to see another shooter like this but with project offset type visuals.

God of Gaming4036d ago

Too bad, I really REALLY enjoyed my time with Shadowrun. They had some great ideas just really put in a bad spot by MS and themselves. They took too long to create the game and in the end a once good studio was put down.

Oh well. Plenty of good stuff to play in the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.